I found something that cleans grout

alice62February 16, 2004

Finazzle, has anybody else tried this?

Here are some pics of my grout if you want to see the results.

Here is a link that might be useful: grout

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As the guys said in Grease...."Tell me more, tell me more!"
Linda C....with dirty grout

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Finazzle is AWESOME!!!! We found it at Lowe's a few years ago, and used it last year to clean white grout (with white tile) in our entryway hall before we sold our house. That grout sparkled--and the grout was over 7 years old at the time. The stuff is a liquid, it doesn't kill you with the fumes, and most importantly, it works without you having to scrub...and scrub...and scrub until you are blue in the face. I think they have a web site, but as I said, we found ours at Lowe's.

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Only we on this board could get so excited about this!!! I ran to Lowe's today (actually drove) and they didn't have it. I was so disappointed. Will extend my search tomorrow.

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Who is made by? Can you check a label for us? I'd love to know.

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Here's the website, it's a private company. Seems a little steep to 'try,' since you have to buy two bottles from the website. They do say, however, that it's available at ALL Harris Teeter stores and ALL Publix stores, plus some Lowe's and some Ace Hardware. If you're near one of those, I'd try that first (but I'd also pay for it on the website, if I couldn't get it near home--I'm addicted to this stuff!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Finazzle web site

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Awesome is awesome. Cleans anything. Only $1.00 a bottle at Dollar Tree. Use full strength to clean grout.

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Can it be used on colored grout. My kitchen, baths and laundry room floors have colored grout. But have white grout on bathroom showers and halfway up walls.

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Glad to hear it works for someone else, I never had much luck with Awesome. Seemed smelly and just like colored water, but maybe I got a bad bottle of it. Luckily, it was only $1, so I didn't feel too bad about pitching it quickly.

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A big thank yousize=5> for alerting me to Finazzle. It did an outstanding job on my grout.

What other uses have you found for Finazzle?

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I'm wondering if such an amazing grout-cleaning solution may gradually erode the grout. When we had our tile counters and floors installed, the tile guy told us to not use cleaning solutions on them because they gradually erode the grout. I always wonder what a strong, effective cleaning solution does to the materials it cleans.


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Thanks Jenn-Gradually is the operative word from your comment. My intention is to clean it so I can seal it. I won't be using Fanazzle on a weekly bases.

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Can you use it on colored grout? Or will it bleach it out?

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According to the website you can buy Finazzle at all Publix, Albertson's, Food Lion, BI-LO, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Piggly Wiggly, Winn-Dixie, Safeway, Carrs, Dominick's, Genuardi's, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Vons grocery stores.

The weirdest thing happened. As I finished reading this post, I turned towards the tv (on mute) and caught the last few seconds of the Finazzle commercial. I had never heard of it until this post and there it was right in front of me on the tv.

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I went to Lowe's and found it in a closeout basket for $l.00 a bottle. I guess they aren't going to carry it anymore. This was really dusty as if it had been there for a long time. Maybe if people would start asking for it, they wouled keep it in stock. I bought all 15 bottles that were in the basket.

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Shaun, I just saw that Publix has the new Finazzle for colored grout.

They also had Finazzle for soap scum. I bought that with great anticipation for my shower doors. I was disappointed, just like everything else that I have tried, it made highlighted the scumb.

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have you tried vinegar for the soap scumb on your shower door?

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I once heard that dandruff shampoo would work wonders on soap scumb..

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After the initial scrubbing of my "plastic" shower stall I started using Tilex after each use and it's working just great. But now for the kitchen grout, I'll try the Finazzle and hope.

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I couldn't find Finazzle anywhere so I purchased Awesome. Someone wrote above how this cleans grout.

Do I let it sit on the grout for awhile before I scrub? Any other suggestions how I can get the white grout clean? I think I made it dirty by putting too much water on the floor when I've washed it.

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Alice, Simgirl....and anyone else that has tried Finazzle.

I ordered Finazzle for colored grout (online), can hardly wait until it gets here. No shipping charge, that's nice. If it works it will be better than anything I have tried, because, nothing I have tried has worked. I have some really bad stained areas in my kitchen floor grout.

I found out that the colored grout cleaner does not have acid in it, the white has a small amount.

I do have a question. Did you feel you had to wear gloves and/or mask ? Safe around pets ? Couldn't find these answers on the website.


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What tools do you use to clean the grout? Do you need to use a brush or sponge and alot of elbow grease to get the job done right?

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Marie, I have found that a good brush is the best. We bought a long handle tile 'deck' brush for the grout of the floor, it is made to use around a swimming pool (Janitor supply). It is narrow and slightly slanted, the neck of the brush moves. The brush and handle came separate, you buy the brush then add a handle the length that you want for your height....sure beats getting down on the knees.

For the tile on the counter top, we use a Black & Decker Scum Buster (rechargeable Wall-Mart under $40.00)...it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use it on all of the basins, shower tile, bathtub, you name it...the newest one is a blue color and has a liquid dispenser, comes with several attachments.


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I had purchased a scum buster on 2 separate occasions to use on the tiles and gave them back both times. Everyone else seems to think the scum buster is a great item but it never seemed to work for me. Perhaps it was the cleaner I was using, I just don't know. Or maybe, the newer model works better?

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Marie, I used Comet on the tile...I wet the tile with water, sprinkled with Comet and used the Scum Buster brush.

The Scum Buster holds a liquid, like a water type (409 etc.), nothing thick (the older ones don't have that feature), I haven't tried that part, yet.

Even if the SB didn't work on the tile, I love it to clean basins etc. There is a long skinny brush that works around the faucets and strange shaped places, too.


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RE soap scum - once you get rid of it be sure to switch to liquid soap and it will never come back. Our contractor told us this just after a bath remodel and he was right. Bar soap contains talc, which causes soap scum.

I rarely clean the frosted glass shower doors and when I do, it is with vinegar to remove hard water deposits. Have to do this more often w the clear shower door since every spot shows--But in 7 years since throwing away all the bar soap and forbidding hubby to use it - no more soap scum.

As to the Scum Buster by Black and Decker - we have one too and it is fabulous. We use it for the grout in the shower and sometimes the grout in the high traffic areas of the kitchen, since the Floormate brushes do not penetrate deep enough to hit most grout - something that we already knew prior to buying that wonderful machine. The Scum Buster is great for pre-treating any extra grimy areas on your floors or showers/baths.


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Joy, did you get/try the Finazzle? Anxiously waiting...

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Don't waste your money please. I noticed the other day that the grout in my shower was not so white anymore, and so I purchased a bottle of Finazzle Bathroom Grout Cleaner, but alas, the darn thing turned it brown! I called the company hoping they'd help me reverse the damage, however I got no redress. In fact Pete, the owner, told me I have to regrout my bathroom. Please, don't waste your time or money!

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It does clean grout, but what kind of sealer is best? There are a lot on the market.

If your grout is brown, you may try painting it white with a grout paint and seal it.

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Wow now I don't know what to do...Has anyone elses grout turned brown? How old was your grout, Sioux? Mine is from the 50's. In another house I painted the grout (it chipped) but I didn't seal it--didn't know.

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RE soap scum; I had a clear glass shower door that got so messed up with soap scum that we replaced it with a crinkle type glass. I complained about the scum to the dealer and he said to ALWAYS wipe down the door when you're done showering! I keep a squeegee in there for that reason. The door stays neat & clean! One other thing. My son uses this awfull grease in his hair and it coats the door, bath tub, and everything. The only thing I've found to cut the grease is KABOOM spray, sold at Wal Mart. I love this stuff! Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaboom

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I used this product on my bathroom floor. It whitened the grout, but left a terrible urine-like smell. I did not mix it with any other product, so I don't know what is going on. I called the company for help and they were totally useless. I certainly wouldn't recommend this product...unless you don't mind filthy-public-bathroom-smell right in your home!! I'm trying everything I can think of to correct this before the holidays!!

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I have been reading for some time. I have a cleaning service and they all complain about the smell. I don't think that it works that well and it is way too $$$ for the end result. I agree with the liquid soap or the body wash as you will never have any soap scum. Hard water is a something else and is a problem unto itself. The grout in the 50's was great. You should see the $40,000 bathrooms which I clean and the grout is just falling out. The tiled shower floors are the worst and they have had to take down the ceilings in the floors below due to mold. I know that they have a pan below the tile but each family has 3 and 4 teenage boys that shower an hour at a time 2 and 3 times a day. They replace their water heaters every few years also. In my last home I had self cleaning glass in the showers. You just hosed it down and what ever the glass was treated with just sheeted and there was not a water drop to be seen. You did have to hose it down. I went back to try for this house and they were either out of business or had moved. I am still in contact with the buyers of my former home and they are still enchanted with the shower doors. I wish I had them here.


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I have a cleaning service also.

"tough on grease" liquid dish soap works really for scum. If it's really bad, spread it out on the walls etc with a brush, let sit for an hour or so. Mild scrubbing should do the trick and it won't damage the surface.

If white grout is black, it's probably not mold, it's discoloration of the grout that penetrates the surface. For this I use warm to hot white vinigar. This won't damage the grout.


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I just had a tile surround installed around the tub in my bathroom. The tile guy told me to never use any products with vinegar to clean the tile. It will clean away the sealant as well. He suggested Miracle Wipes, made by the Miracle Sealant Company.

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I tried finazzle on my toilet...it has had dark blue stains for more than 10 years due to copper and my well. I scrub with pumice every week and can't ever get it out. Finazzle made it practically white, without ANY scrubbing. Did buy it at Safeway, now cannot find it anywhere except online $$$$

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Christy - I have the same blue stains you do and 'The Works' toilet bowl cleaner (the best I've ever used!) will zap them right away! You can purchase it at the grocery and other places that sell general cleaning products.

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I have slate stone tiles and off white grouts.
Will the Finazzle for white grout work or me!!

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OMG finally a grout cleaner that really works! I have just about tried everything on the light colored grout on my kitchen floors with no real success. After reading on this site about Finazzle I managed to buy the last bottle at our local Home Depot. They are not happy that they are no longer going to be able to sell it (it looks like the manufacturers are looking to distribute it only through their website where it is now about $12 per bottle rather than the $5 HD were selling it for) as they say it simply flies off their shelves!!! Well, I tried the Finazzle and the grout just looks like the day it was done, about 10 years ago - with NO scrubbing! I have tried all the possible retail outlets with no success - so I am going to order some from the manufacturer's website (2 bottles minimum!) Anyone know of a retail outlet for this stuff?

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You are right. Home depot doesn't have it anymore, but Ace Hardware does.

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Found Finazzle at Ace Hardware for about $15. I'm concerned that it will harm my glazed tile. It also says on the instructions that it will strip any sealer so I will need to reseal. Is that correct? I'm not sure how old the tile is since we just bought the house recently. Any advice would be appreciated.

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It will not harm the glazed tile. Don't know about the sealer.

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