halogen to led conversion

frank04090March 15, 2012

Anyone ever pull the G4 halogen bulbs (or similar) out of their range hood and pop in some LED bulbs instead? Like it?

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I've been considering this off an on over the last couple of months. But the challenge has been finding reasonably priced shielded LED bulbs. So far, I have only been finding bulbs with plastic faces and that won't work over a range, especially not with the amount of flambeing I do. I thought I might have found some online with glass fronts, but I couldn't confirm from the literature if they would work over the range. They were also expensive, so I didn't even bother to follow up with the vendor. Hopefully, someone will reply with some sources.

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I actually talked to Modernaire and they said that their issue was the same.. finding bulbs that can work in the heat. None of the LED manufacturers are making them.

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The zephyr Napoli hood has "Bloom" LED's, so it is possible. Do they have to be glass covered? They would be protected by the lens.

I think the heat problem around the lamp is from the halogen bulb itself. They get HOT.

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LEDs are very sensitive to heat. I wouldn't expect an LED bulb above a stove to have a very long life.

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The need is to design for LED lighting from inception; retrofit will be very difficult due to the LEDs requiring good heat-sinking, which takes more space than allocated to an R-20 or other incandescent bulb design. A design from inception would have to take advantage of all the metal in the hood to be used for a heat sink, and/or allowing the ventilation fan to pull in air that is not heated and cause it to flow around the LED fixtures.

A sensor to turn the LEDs off when overheated for whatever reason would be needed. Alternatively, turning the LEDs on with heat present would force the fan on independent of being turned off. Not an easy problem, and one that might require some retraining of the customer, which is always fraught with difficulty.


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