Undermount Bathroom Sinks - What size are your sinks?

ginger25March 7, 2011

Ours came in today. We purchased two Toto sanigloss sinks 19" X 15". Are these too big??

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It's hard to say whether they're too big without knowing the size of your vanity/vanities. We have 48" vanities with the smaller size Kohler undermount Ladena sinks. They're 18"x12". Counter space was more important to me than a large sink.

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What is the width and depth of your top? We actually manufacture these top and bowl combinations where I work. We have a table we use to determine sizing so the end result is visually pleasing.

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Farbewerk - We have two vanities on each side of our bathroom separated by a walk-in closet between them. My vanity if you are facing the vanities is on the right side of the room. I have a makeup table with a seat. My sink is on the left side of the vanity - 36 inches on the left side. The granite that is going on top of the vanity is 60 x 22. My husbands sink on his vanity is in the middle of the 36 inches on the right side. I hope this makes sense. I am just trying to give you all the information I can to get this correct. Thank you sooooo much!!

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Farbewerk - In my previous post, I should have typed, we have two vanities one on each side of the bathroom separated by a walk in closet. Sorry for the confusion.

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porkandham - We are getting the exact same sinks on an 8-foot run of cabinetry. How do you like yours?
Sorry to hijack this thread!

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doggiemom - We love them!

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I have the largest size Caxton that Kohler makes, it is 19 X 15. I dislike it because it doesn't drain well. I also think it looks too big. I think the next smaller size is fine. I don't know if the Totos have the same draining issue.

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We have an 8' granite vanity with 2 undermount sinks- each 11 1/2 x 14 1/2. Love them- plenty of sink and lots of countertop. At first I thought they might be too small, but once installed I was glad I didn't get anything larger. Faucets are 3-holed and spaced fine.

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We are doing an 88 inch double vanity with towers (the towers are 14" wide and 9" deep). Our two oval undermount sinks are the Kohler Verticyl 17 x 14 which is the same size as the mid-size Caxton. I think that should be enough elbow room both between the sinks and on the outer ends.

By the way, has anyone used any of the Verticyl sinks, either oval, round or rectangle? They are straight-sided and flat-bottomed. I worry a bit about how well the water will drain but they are so sharp looking......

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Just yesterday I took a Kohler Caxton (smallest size)to have marble cut for vanity top. Never considered drainage! Please elaborate on drainage. Is it an issue when drain stopper has been closed and sink is full of water, or when running water with drain open? Or both? Is the bottom area of sink too flat so some water always standing in bottom? I needed a small sink for vanity size so this is the one marble supplier mentioned. I may look for another if work has not begun. Thanks.

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I used to have the small Caxton, and never noticed any problem with drainage, other than having to clear out the hair around the stopper every once in a while.

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Lizanne, I have the smallest Caxton in our powder room, and it drains well, so I think you'll be fine. I had the medium size in a previous home, and it was also okay.

The biggest one just drains slowly; I think it may be the shallow slope. When you wash your face or brush your teeth, and rinse the sink, it drains slowly and always leaves of lot of soap/toothpaste behind. It always requires many rinses to get it clean.

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Thanks catbuilder and astridh for the Caxton drainage input. I feel much better now. LOL

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