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HappyDaze11February 13, 2014

Hi, I'm new and have searched forum for posts on vacuum cleaners and get pages of tresults, most old. Perhaps I need assistance on how to find current posts.

My question is on determining best vacuum, what members here are using and like and why, as well as what to avoid and why.

I like the Orecks bc they are light weight and appear to clean well. Had an xl, loved it and perhaps I'll go back to that. Then I upgraded to an Oreck Extended Life, not sure that its any better than original. Actually, preferred original. Apparently, there are new Orecks or they've changed the look, don't know anything about them yet.

Then we got sucked into buying a Kirby which I hate bc its too heavy and I don't know how to change out stuff and simply don't use it. Bought it primarily bc I liked the idea having one vacuum to do everything thing - replace canister vac and carpet cleaner . I should probably get rid of it, paid a lot for it, not sure if I should try to sell it, give it to charity or what. I'm challenged in the decision making area lol!

Also, I used to have a Eureka bagless canister vac. Loved the suction and ease of use, but being bagless, it was messy. We do have a compact Oreck canister, works good.

We have mostly carpet and a short haired dog, but I don't notice much dog hair compared to when we had poms, cute llttle fur balls!

Sometimes I like to look at Amazon to see what ratings are, though I know that some hire ppl to post positive reviews, so hard to know reliability. And look at best selling, though its not clear to me what time frame that Amazon is using when saying best selling - last hour, day, week, month, ever....

Thanks for any help on searching current posts and/or on vacuums.

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Have you considered central vac?

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Thanks, we built one into a previous home and it was ok, but didn't like it enough to install in this home when we built or since. It seemed to do fine with cleaning, yet I found the hose cumbersome.

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I had one installed in this home and used it a for year or so then quit. It is to cumbersome as HD says. To much trouble if you just want to do one area. I went back to my tried and true Hoover wind tunnel.

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Hi, HappyDaze, and welcome to the forum.

I posted a similar question back in October of '12,
And got a variety of answers.
I ended up getting a Shark Rotator Professional, and I LOVE it!
I haven't had it long enough to know
how well it's going to hold up,
but it does a fantastic job both as an upright
and as a canister.
It also is great for picking up dog hair.
In fact, its versatility is one of the things I love about it.
I had a Hoover upright wind tunnel.
And the 'stuff' that this Shark pulled out of the carpet,
IMMEDIATELY following a good going over with the Hoover,
was really shocking!
To think I thought my carpet was clean all those years! !
I would NEVER recommend a Hoover again!

I know some on this forum "look down" on the Shark,
But I do have rather strict budget constraints,
Which had a big influence on my choice.
It may be that a Dyson or Oreck would be better,
I don't know.
I do know they are out of my price range.

Hope this helps a bit.

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My mom has a Kirby, I'd like to get my hands around the neck of that door to door salesman ;) It actually cleans well, and isn't quite as bad once turned on and running, but just try to pick it up or move it unplugged. The Kirby sales tactics are another story. When going to her house to help her with some housework, my Oreck makes the 4 hours round trip with me.

I've got two Orecks and haven't found anything to dislike about them. They are actually my second and third, I used the first one about 14 years, replaced it rather than spend the money on updating parts.

I have a new XL (purchased from an Oreck store on sale) at the office end of my house where there is carpet and then tile hallway, laundry room.

At the living and bedrooms end, I have a year old Oreck Magnesium that I hadn't planned to upgrade to, but DH tried it in the store and loved the impressive maneuverability, the swivel and even lighter weight. He doesn't vacuum often if at all, but wanted it, and it was also on sale (I think marked down $100). I do enjoy it over the XL, and now seem to have a utility model for working type floors, and a more advanced model for the more expensive flooring ;)

I have the Oreck floor steamer and hand vacs too....guess you can see I've been satisfied with the product line.

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Thanks Rustyone and Morz! Great Info from both of you! I'm still open to reAding more responses f others choose o share! :)

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