How to clean granite, gas cooktop grates?

kay161February 7, 2012


Our new kitchen will include some new-to-us surfaces. For general cleaning, I try to keep it easy and cheap (vinegar, baking soda, etc), but I'm not sure these can be used on granite, or will work on the cooktop grates... or vent hood.

The new cooktop comes with a charbroiler, so more grease, but this was DH's only request.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I use 50/50 mixture of water/alcohol on granite, glass cook top, and vent hood. Should work on the cook top grates too. I keep a spray bottle of the mixture handy.

Be sure and wipe excess grease from grates with paper towel before using the alcohol mixture.

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Easiest way I've found to clean the grates (I'm guessing these are pro grates you will have) is to lay the grates in the sink, fill the sink with HOT water and pop 1-3 individual Cascade with Dawn automatic dishwasher detergent packs in there. The larger your sink/more water in your sink, the more detergent packs you will need. Let soak for 10-20 minutes then wipe with a sponge & rinse. For spots that are really stubborn, I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber (MEKS). I found that the Mr. Clean MEKS also works the best at getting all the grease off the enamel pan under the grates & doesn't leave streaks. I usually clean the pan while the grates are soaking. The soak works great for the vent hood filters too--the grease just melts off!

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I use the water and alcohol too, and usually add a drop of liquid Dawn dish detergent. Good on mirrors and windows too.

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Good info, thanks.

What type of alcohol? I can definitely see using that solution for regular cleaning, with the full soak every once in a while.

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I put my grates in the DW. also use the alcohol mix on my granite

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I use 70% or 90% Isopropyl Alcohol from the pharmacy or grocery stores. Cheaper by the quart size bottles. I DO NOT use rubbing alcohol.

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Thanks for the follow-up, krissie. Between the obviously popular alcohol mix and mydreamhome's soaking mix, we should have it covered.

We won't know until this project is finished whether we can afford a new, bigger DW. Hopefully, the grates will fit in our old model:-(

Thanks to all for sharing your secrets.

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Best way to clean your cast iron grates is to place them in a ziplock bag with 1/4 cup of ammonia. Seal the bag and sit outside or in your garage overnight. Wipe clean. I did this and they looked like new again.

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My gas range grates go right in the dishwasher,along with the range hood filter. I don't have granite, but if I did I'd use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

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