Magic Erasers or Microfiber Cloths

mary_maxFebruary 24, 2014

Do you clean with both or do you use only one? I am wondering if perhaps the microfibers have somewhat replaced the magic erasers? I hesitate to use the magic erasers a lot due to uncertain damage they might cause. I think the microfiber cloths are safer in long run. Do you agree? I'd love to hear how you folks feel and how you use each one. Spring cleaning soon so getting things ready!

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I have tried both and do not like them. The microfiber dish cloths are good because they dry fast, but it takes two hands to unfold them and I don't' like that. You can't shake they out either and I don't like the feel of them on my hands. They will even be half folded when they come out of the dryer. The magic eraser crumbles, they don't work for me at all.

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I have both, but don't use either of them for general cleaning (I'm a steam cleaner and cotton rag kind of gal). Magic Erasers are more of a special needs item. When all else fails, try a Magic Eraser. They dissolve quickly when wet to be of much use for more than a small job, like a mark on a wall or woodwork. They are just one more of life's choices - neither right nor wrong.

I prefer 100% cotton. Lots of old toweling available that still has plenty of use left in it. I'm with EmmaR about how microfiber towels feel.... I have a textural issue handling microfiber towels. It flat-out gives me the creeps because it catches on my skin. I had microfiber sheets several years ago, and they only lasted one week, got laundered and were donated to the Goodwill because I couldn't stand the texture. But that not withstanding, I do have a bundle of microfiber towels I got in the car care department and have a few specific uses for them.

Microfiber cloths actually have a short life compared to 100% cotton bar mops, old towels, etc., and take too much special care, in my opinion.

Because of the fabric make-up, they aren't exactly the best "green" choice, and would have a difficult time breaking down in a landfill quickly, unlike cotton, which breaks down quickly. They stain horribly and rarely look clean, even though they are clean.

After numerous washings they lose their effectiveness for drying, and have you noticed how only one side absorbs well? You have to take care not to put them in with other non-microfiber towels or fabrics in the laundry. Shouldn't use fabric softener (sheets, liquid, or detergents that contain softener) or bleach on them; and you must avoid heat (hot dryer) on them (which isn't a problem because I line-dry everything). But if you've ever accidently let one get in with the regular towels, they are never "right". You need to make sure you don't wash or dry them with anything that will give off any kind of threads/fluff because it will stick to microfiber towels and look horrible. The heat from the dryer will cause the microfiber to break down and to develop "pilling" or "balls".

Because microfiber towels are designed to attract and hold dirt and dust (as well as moisture), they can also scratch a surface because of those things being held IN the fabric, so something to keep that in mind during use, and clean them regularly.

But if none of those issues bother you, like they do me, you'll probably love them.


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