Easter Decorating & Dollbaby is Delightful!

jeannespinesMarch 31, 2014

Did a little more Spring/Easter decorating in the dining/living room area. Oh, Dollbaby didn't want to wear a 'dress' this time ...so here she is in her 'bunny jean overalls!'

I find all her clothes thrift shopping ... isn't that bunny in her pocket just adorable!

Well, I added a 'bunny' sweater & here she is w/her tray'scape:

Her tray'scape includes a white doily for a placemat, a green depression plate & a white (etched w/green flowers) cup & saucer (made in Japan), & topped w/a glass bunny candleholder... also her Onedia fork & spoon (which needs polished, I see). Plus her 'camera bunnies' in one hand & her fave furry bunny in the other.

She is ready for Spring & Easter! I spied this pink Easter bonnet for her yesterday in the $1 bin @Target ...just the finishing touch!

I'll add some more pics below. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Here is Dollbaby sitting by the buffet (no hat yet in this pic):

One end of the buffet ... I got this bunny some years back & he is one of my faves (all summer long!):

The other end of the buffet ... a nest of eggs w/this old girl & boy statue:

...and from the table view:

Splurged on some Spring flowers ... the vase I spied @Kohls a couple yrs ago on the clearance aisle:

Don't ya 'baby chicks!' Shouts Spring!!!!

I still love this 'Spring Fairy Girl' in my tall cloche:

A close-up:

And, last of all, these little 'place card' holder bunnies that I surrounded this 'green casserole' keepsake (it was my Mom's) ~~the egg lights up & changes colors:

Ok, I'm done! Happy Spring (someone tell Mother Nature, will ya!) LOL! ~~Jeanne S

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Dollbaby looks absolutely adorable in her denim Spring togs. Your bunnies and chicks are quite cute, too.

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Jeanne, Doll Baby looks adorable! And your decorating is over the top as always! Love Your little yellow chicks and pitcher. The wooden Rabbit is very unique! Is that a glow egg with the colored Bunnies? What cute little colored Bunnies! Great Job! What fun you must have had putting it all together!

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Jeanne, you've done alot more than walking!Yeah Love
all your Easter decor. Dollbaby is so sweet w/her bunny
bibs and bonnet. All ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't share TJ but I will. She's dressed in a polka dot dress w/matching hat of DGD's. I found one of DGD's dresses
in the shed that I'll put on her for Easter.

Eggs that light up! You know I'm lovin' that. Your bunny
looks like it's busy eating right out of the bowl! The plaque
compliments it nicely. Your so talented!

The couple w/eggs is precious. Your fairy cloche is so
neat sitting on the chest. The bottom of the cloche is also
nice to have out with your DM's 'green casserole' dish.
Bunny place card holders on the cabbage leaf placemate
and your lit up egg are such a great combo.

I always enjoy all of your decor. Are you putting eggs in
the cake plate this year too? Oh forgot to mention your
fresh flowers in the lovely pitcher w/chicks.Awesome

Hope you can get in more walks and enjoy your yard
more. I cleaned all of my flower beds and hope to
transplant some of my strawberry plants soon.


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Marlene Kindred

Your rooms always look SO inviting and cozy! I don't blame babydoll this year for not wanting to wear a dress...winter just won't go away! She looks cute in her blue jeans and I love the bunny pocket! Love your buffet....always!

Your table is so pretty with the new pitcher and flowers too and your bunny placecard holders are really sweet!

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Wonderful and delightful to see, as always. :o) I love how you used the little chicks especially. (tho feel quite guilty not getting mine out, they are some of my favorite things).

I don't blame Dollbaby one bit, I'd want to wear those darling overalls too!! She has the best-est wardrobe :o)

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, Holiday-ers ... just wish some more Spring weather would come to Iowa & stick around!

That egg that changes color is fun! I've had it a couple yrs now & it's still working. The big bunny is 'ceramic' ... but I like it's realistic look ... the bowl I got from a friend, Kirk Willis. ;-) Love it!

Well, Happy Spring, everyone! Fun looking @your decor, too! ~~Jeanne S

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Jeanne, so what keeps that egg lit up? Is it solar?

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Just precious!

The overalls are adorable and I love all your other touches as well.

The big cabbage leaf placemat is a nice touch.

I'm going to say ditto to what everyone else has said as I have so much catching up to do it is going to take a long time.


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punk ...the egg is battery run ...you know those little round watch batteries. ;-) Jeanne S. (Thanks, candy)

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Jeanne I love your Easter Decor and Dollbaby is Delightful.
It will be a lot easier for her to look for eggs in overalls lol.
That brown bunny is the best... is it wood?
I have little chicks like yours they are so cute.
I wouldn't mind a bit if your Spring Fairy flew over to my house.

Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed looking.
Happy Easter

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Thanks, nana ... the bunny is ceramic ... I bought him a few yrs back & some small ones, too, on my grandma's treadle sewing machine in the living room (that's my Gr'ma & me in the pic)... here's a pic of the small ones I shared on Flea Market Gardening Facebk page ... I help administrate FMG. ;-) Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeanne, I've never seen eggs with batteries! I
love all your bunnies. I have one similar to yours I'll try
to get a picture of and share. Funny he hangs out on
one of my old sewing machine stands too.

Have a Happy Easter with the kids. I'm so excited to
have DGD here again tomorrow. We've gotten to spend
the last 3 days w/DGD and had so much fun. We made
play doh and dyed eggs w/shaving cream. I learned it
doesn't take much to get a tied dye effect!LOL Maybe I
can take a picture before we turn them into deviled eggs
and share.


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