Washing Machine Lint Filter?

love_the_yardFebruary 1, 2012

What is the best way to clean a washing machine lint filter like the type in the photo below? The lint clogs the tiny holes, but is not easily removed by hand. It's not in big enough clumps that I can pick it off. I can really only tell that all the holes are clogged when I take the filter outside in daylight. Then it is easy to see.

In order to clean it, I have been letting the filter dry and then brushing it briskly - inside and out - with a stiff brush. I do it outside in the yard because the lint flies. Is there a better way?



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I have one of those in my older Maytag washing machine and it is a pain to clean....love my Maytag anyway!

The best I can do is brush it while wet under running water. I use an old toothbrush. Use a semi-circular motion, seems to grab more lint from the tiny holes.

To keep inside of agitator clean I use white vinegar in the rinse dispenser every load of laundry. Amazing how well it cleaned out the junk inside the agitator. No more trying to dig it out, stays clean.

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Krissie, thanks for the tips! How much vinegar do you use? Do you just pour it in the cup in the front left corner of the washer? (I have never used it in all these years.) Also, when do you put it in? Can you put it in the dispenser at the beginning of the load or do you have to remember to add it later in the cycle? And if you can add it in the beginning, is there a particular setting on the Maytag that you have to use to let it know to use what is in the dispenser?


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I was getting all ready to do some laundry and add some vinegar - and then I read THIS thread, linked below. :(


Here is a link that might be useful: DON'T use vinegar in your washing machine

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My Maytag washer is 23 years old (purchased 1989) and shows no signs of being damaged from using vinegar in the rinse.

In the case of washers on the market these days (2012) I have no clue about what is good or bad for them. The technology is different than the older washing machines. My washer is not a water saver type machine. My machine fills with water and swishes clothes to and fro to clean.

LOVE THE YARD: The rinse cup on my machine sits in top of the lint filter. I fill the cup in the beginning and it automatically dispenses at the right time during the rinse cycle. I think the spin cycle at end of wash cycle slings vinegar out into the machine for rinsing. There are no triggers, no settings, the cup just sits in top of lint filter.

If you do not have a rinse dispenser cup on top of lint filter, you can add vinegar directly to washer at beginning of rinse cycle.

The cup thing on front left of my Maytag is for adding bleach to the load of wash in the beginning. The bleach goes down into the outer tub and mixes with water diluting it some before it goes into the clothes.

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Mine is of the same vintage - purchased in 1990! When I had trouble with it a few years ago, ALL advice was to repair and keep it. I overhauled it myself - see link below. I did it and it is working great! The layout on mine is exactly as you describe on yours. Put vinegar in the dispenser cup yesterday. Seemed to work great. Also used a toothbrush on the filter - also worked great! I really appreciate your responding to my post!


Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag LA8650 Washer - Grinding/Scraping/Rattle Noise During Spin Cycle

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