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vannieFebruary 16, 2007

I know I saw this here, but I can't find the thread, so once again, what kind of grout cleaner can ya'll recommend?

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I am still looking for the magic grout cleaner but have not found it yet. Finazzle did not work for me.

A tile installer suggested Aqua Mix ph blanaced cleaner. I tried it last night on a small area and was not that thrilled with it. Maybe a second try will make a difference.

A chemist suggested using 3% hydrogen peroxide. I tried the peroxide in small area and it looks promising. However, a salesperson at Lowes told me peroxide might discolor the grout. The chemist claims you end up with what you started with, that is water. Soooo.....maybe it will not discolor. I plan on trying it again.

I have learned that if grout is too wet, soupy when used the water will evaporate up thru the grout and leave open pinholes or what we refer to as porous grout. That is the problem with cleaning my grout. I did put 2 coats of Miracle Sealer, it apparently did not fill up all the pinholes and dirt has gone deep.

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I have now tried the Aqua Mix ph balance grout cleaner and it did clean a little but not like I expected it to.

I am still looking for the magic cleaner.

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