Creative use of my Advantium

a2geminiMarch 19, 2013

I was making an Irish dinner on St Patrick's day. Anyway, I have the stew in the oven after braising the meat to brown it and suddenly, I realized that I forgot to bake the soda bread. I scratched my head and then had a Kaizen moment (think of a light bulb going off in your head)

I popped the stew out of the oven and put on keep warm - high setting in the Advantium.

After the bread was finished, I popped it back in the Wolf and wow - best stew ever! The bread was pretty authentic and I can say that as I was in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day (it is more of an American holiday than an Irish holiday)

When the stew was done, I popped it back into the Advantium to keep warm until dinner.

Long live the Advantium!!!

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Yay! I love my Advantium too. I must; I'm going through all kinds of crazy contortions to keep it during the remodel. :)

It sounds like you essentially used it as a slow cooker/low oven - great idea!

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Tell us more! We just picked up the 240V Advantium and will install it tonight. Of all the appliances in our remodel, this is the one I have been most adamant about getting. So excited.

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Meangoose and Whit
Yes - I used it as a slow cooker - wow!

I am still learning my Advantium but if you use your intuition, there is no limit to creativity.
Tonight - I reheated some of the stew for my DH and a partial burger for me. Then, I swapped the trays and put the bun and leftover onion rings on a porcelain plate(I hate to clean the metal tray unless I have to) and set up a speed oven setting for 3 minutes Top=10, bottom=10, MW=2, and Convection =2. They came out pretty good - probably should have gone less on the top and a bit longer.

Another time, I reheated frozen pancakes - They tasted just like I took them off the grill (speed oven)

Frozen Chicago style pizza - I use the pizza setting on the speed oven - but do put on a corning dish if a slices... It is amazing!

Another one - Zingerman's pot pies which take an hour in a conventional oven - 15-20 minutes using top 4, bottom 6 MW 2 and convection 10.

I just kind of look at what I am trying to cook and how long it will be cooking - then adjust from there - the longer it will take, the lower the top and bottom settings.

Have fun!

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Installed mine last night. MIL had killed our countertop microwave, and has to have something to use, so I made sure to put it in. Took about 2 hours. Hardest part was enlarging the opening and fabricating the front trim and support pieces. The metal brackets included with my cabinets worked perfectly. The install was overall a piece of cake. Had to use, but it was late, and our first time. So I used the MW to re-heat a slice. DW is home today sick, but I made sure to leave her a note telling her to start figuring it out. Psyched!

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Whit - have fun! Hope your DW feels better soon so she will want to use the new toy!

MW pizza is a thumbs down but wait til you try it in the speed oven.

Tonight, I made corn pone in the Advantium - looks great but I had to use up some corn that I defrosted - so freezing it for now.

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We've had and been using the Advantium now for about a month. Love it! There are some issues we are having to work through, such as timing between different appliances and dishes, also, can't use the MW right after using the Speed oven.

This weekend we cooked two big pizzas, made Lemon/Poppy Seed Scones, and held hash browns and bacon in warming. Comments: the pizzas came out great, really nice crust, everything cooked through evenly. Scones came out delicious, but I worried initially because it said to use a glass pan on top of metal tray. The scones pushed together during cooking in the glass baking dish, but after separating and cooling they are pretty damn good (especially with the Lemon Curd we bought.

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Whit - you are doing great! I haven't done much baking but have made many dishes (One failure) but overall quite the appliance.

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