Cleaning a watercolor print

puzzlefanFebruary 17, 2006

There are several darker spots on a lighter background of a water color print that I have. I know nothing about watercolors and such. Is there a way to clean this or is this something for the pros? I bought the prints at a resale shop and the spots might be smoke but have no idea.

:-( After giving away one of the prints and putting the other in storage, I found that the artist was not just some local hobbyist.

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If it is a watercolor, water will make the paint run....if it's done with some sort of ink or a photographic reproduction, it's easier to clean.
Can you mat over the spots? Or how about ignore the spots....if they are good watercolors.
Linda C

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It is a watercolor so I guess to be conservative, I will need to take it to an artists shop. I found a reference to this watercolor online and was more than a bit surprised at the price range now. My original 15.00 for two watercolors turned out to be closer to $100 for the one I have. The spots are on the main part of the wtercolor so that would certainly diminish it's value. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I am a watercolor artist. If it is a real watercolor, then it is NOT a print. Do this: get an art gum eraser, the creamy colored crumbly kind. Gently try to erase the spot. Best if this is on an area of paper, not paint. The art gum should not remove the paint, though.

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A watercolor is one of a kind.....there is no other....if you found a refrence to it on line, then you do not have an original or even a have a print....a photographic reproduction....and that should be quite easy to clean....
Try the eraser like barmnon says.
Linda C

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I agree with both Linda and Barmnon. You should use the eraser.

Here is a link that might be useful: Akvarell

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My picture was purchased at a starveing artist sale. I've had it for years and would like to clean it. What do you suggest?

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