How to get 'dog smell' out of chair

adwelshFebruary 6, 2005

Just bought a used microsuede recliner from people that had two big dogs. We've had the chair a week and a half and we are still noticing a pet smell. We took the chair outside for a day to get some sunshine and fresh air but the odor is still there. Any ideas?

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Is it a urine smell? Or just dirty dog?
Fabrize may help....but I think I would want it to be professionally cleaned.
Linda C

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Not urine - just kind of a "wet dog" smell.

I'll look into Fabrize - I've never used it before. But it's worth a try.

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Okay, I used Fabrize on the chair last night. The whole room certainly smells better. I can't help but wonder if this is just a "masking" of the odor and how long before it wears off.

I need to get my carpets clean soon so maybe I'll see if the chair can be dry cleaned as well.

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Don't forget to turn the chair upside down. Wash all the hard parts and spray the rest. Since it's a recliner, there is a lot of fabric that is folded up in the underworks.

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I don't know how Fabreeze works....but it doesn't seem to wear off....but you know as well as I that it doesn't remove the source of the odor....just the smell.
I would have it cleaned at the earliest opportunity....but meanwhile Fabreeze allows you to use it comfortably.
Linda C

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I have 3 dogs & our livingroom upholstery used to smell despite bathing the dogs every othe week. We used to have it professionally cleaned quarterly which did rid the odor for the mean time but then dog got allergies & we coudln't apply all those chemicals. Finally I cleand it one last time & donated the furniture to my father. It looks brand new but I couldn't stand the constant cleanings - we replaced with leather.

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simple solution is an enzymatic cleaner that works great for pet odors. you probably will want to test it on a hidden part of the fabric first. spritz it on and let it dry...

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If you can afford it, a quality air purifier will definitely work, and it will clean the air you breathe as well (great especially if you have allergies) Email me for a recommendation on one that will do your whole house (3,000 sq feet).

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Sam's has a product called Odo-Ban that not only has a nice smell, but it removes many bad odors. For some reason fabreeze always smells like diapers to me.


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I use Odo-ban all the time and love it! My neighbor just gave me a cloth recliner and told me his moms dog 'sprayed' it. I have tried Odo-ban and leaving it outside to dry, but the smell is still in there. Also tried Fabreeze, bot nothing is working. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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