Would this look okay?

farmhousegirlMarch 29, 2012

I don't want a stark white kitchen...would prefer something soft cream. Would it be weird to do bright white trim throughout the entire house, but cream painted kitchen cabinets?

Buckhead, did you do that creamy color on all your trimwork?

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I've got the opposite--soft creamy trim throughout the house with white perimeter cabinets (island is stained a merlot color) in the kitchen that is open to the family room. Doing the trim white & the cabs creamy is definitely done more often. Either way looks stunning! If you're painting cabinets vs. installing new prefinished ones, be sure to check out SW 'Creamy'.

Hope this helps!

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farmhousegirl, I did the creamy white (SW Creamy with the black removed) in most of the trim in the house. In my master bath and the black and white kids' bathrooms, the creamy didn't work, so I used another white there. Where I transitioned from Creamy to "Mystic White", I just painted one side of the door jamb or cased opening one color and the other side the new color and painted the face the predominant color.

I think it will be fine to do what you are talking about. One word of caution, though. I was a little nervous about the creams. I really thought I wanted *white* throughout the house. Now I realize that my furniture goes better with the cream, it is easier to coordinate fabrics for window treatments with the cream, and (shhh, don't tell) the cream doesn't show dirt and dust as much. For example, I'm amazed at how much more the pollen shows up on the white of the porch trim vs. the cream of the windowsills in the breakfast nook.

Hope this helps!

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My trim throughout the house is SW Creamy. My cabinets are Vintage Lace, a Wood Mode color. They are both an off white color, but do not match.

I know it's personal preference, but if it's a farm house look you are going for, I like the warmer colors better.

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My SW Creamy kitchen cabinets were just delivered to the house. I love them. My trim will match, though.

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I think it's personal preference. We are choosing to match the trim to the soft white cabinets. But, that's mainly bc we have crown molding in the kitchen, and it's going to wrap around the stone above the range. I did't want the crown on the stone to be a different white then the cabinet below. And, that led to just picking a white to match the cabs

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Try looking at some warm whites...not cream, but not stark, either. I'd paint the cabinets and the trim, the same color...but everyone has different styles :)

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