New towels are too soft

mary_228February 4, 2008

My husband won't use the new towels I bought because they are too soft. They have been washed in hot water three times and the softness is still there. They are all cotton Macy's Charter Club brand, if that matters.

just wonderd if there's something I can wash them in that will roughen them up a bit!

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Put them in the washer, on a rinse only cycle. Add a cup of vinegar. That will remove any coatings that may be on the fibres. Or return them to Macy's and ask for a refund.

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A owel can never be too soft. When they are soft they soak the water better.

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Sometimes a finish applied to the towels make them feel soft but it makes them water repellent. I have towels like that. So, soft is not always better for soaking up moisture from our body.

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If they are 100% cotton....and have been washed I really don't believe there is any finish on them
Your husband is just used to towels with a build up of soap and hard water minerals.
Either get out an old towel for him to use....or don't put his towel in the dryer and let it air dry.
Of put an electric fan in the bathroom and tell him to skip the towel, saves on laundry.
Linda C

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When my MIL died we took her bath towels home to use. But they were too soft - they wouldn't absorb at all. I discovered they were absolutely drenched with downy fabric softener. I washed and washed and washed them. It took about a year before they lost most of the softness and then they started to absorb.

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