Removing dried latex paint from vinyl

linnea56February 11, 2013

I found some dried white latex paint on a piece of furniture covered with black vinyl. The paint must be at least a few months old...maybe a year.

Any idea how I can remove it? Thanks!

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I don't know, but I would try laying a wet wash cloth on it and keep it wet for a day or two. It may seep under the paint and soften it.

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Try goof off or goo gone. Check the label of goof off. It should be safe for vinyl, but I'm not sure. I've used goo gone onold book covers to remove the sticky tag glue.

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See if you can peel the paint off with your fingers. Or saturate a scrubby sponge with vinegar and rub with that. I painted my kitchen and got some paint spatters on the walls and floor.

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