Easter porch

katy--bMarch 11, 2014

I am so attracted to the easter decor while shopping, but absolutely did not want to buy any Easter decor or decorate for Easter. (No kids or grandkids).
But Our front porch looks so sad.....so I gathered up all stuff I had stashed.
Surprised me, how I DID own Easter decor. Lol
Maybe by the time Easter comes, it will be warm enough to have outdoor plantings.

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Katy, I'm glad you went ahead and decorated for YOU.
Kids and grand-kids are fun, but not 'required' ...LOL...to decorate for holidays.

On this Forum, its sort of "see it, want it, buy it" when it comes to decorations. Add in "do it". :o)
Thank you for sharing your porch decor, hope we see more from you.

hugs, Karen

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Looks so cute,Katy. What a nice way to welcome Spring
I hope you will come back and share with us again soon.

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Marlene Kindred

If your winter has been anything like ours, any touch of color or "life" is great to see! I think you did a wonderful job....you're ready for Easter.

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Very cute planter! I bet it makes you smile when you're @the door! ~~Jeanne S.

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Thx, it is fun to do something whimsical for a change, especially after our harsh winter.

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Katy, welcome! Love the way you decorated the planter
for Easter. Hope you will contiue to share here with us
on Holidays.


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Welcome Katy...
You created a cute Easter display....
I know I would love to have this greet me each day...
Being so cheerful and thoughts of Spring.

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Katy, Love your Decorations!
Great Job!

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