How to remove duct type goo from wood floor?

golddustFebruary 6, 2010

My 86 year old mother in law duct taped a rug to her wood floor in the kitchen many years ago. The rug is now a toxic mess and I need to remove it. The years old duct tape is my challenge...

How do I remove the leftover goo and not destroy the floor finish?


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I would try lighter fluid or mineral spirits, which is the same thing.

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Try oil lemon oil or teak oil or mineral oil. I hope you haven't tried anything else. Oil works but it is easier if it is not altered by other chemicals.

Cooking oil is good for removing label and price sticker glue from glass or ceramics too. In fact almost any kind of tape glue is removable with oil--something to keep in mind for the next time you want to remove tape glue. Since I found this hint it's the only thing I use.

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I used Goo Gone on my brand new hard wood floor to get tape adhesive off it. The construction workers had taped down large pieces of cardboard to protect the floor during construction.

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I second the goo gone. Somehow the felt pads on the bottom of my kitchen chairs have been leaving a sticky residue on the floor. Goo Gone is the only thing that gets it off quickly. It can make the floor a bit slick so you'll want to wash with soap and water afterwards.

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