how to have a deep sill/stool with 4 in thick wall

M_N_AMarch 30, 2013

We are doing a kitchen Addition project. We want to have a deep sill/stool with the window so we can put some plants etc, like this one

the wall 4 inch thick.

1. one idea is to have a bigger stool but it will stick out too much like a shelf and block the kitchen faucet
2. if no stool sticking out, what's the max dept we can get? 2.5 inch or so?
3. is there anything we can do framing-wise (not to add additional square ft though), so extra space could be allowed?


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If you're building, why not bump out the window? You can go out just a few inches, or far enough to have slim side windows as well.

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The depth of the stool also depends on the type of window. Vinyl is shallow; clad wood is deeper.

If the plan can accommodate it, I often pull the cabinets out 6 in. and put a shelf on top of the backsplash the full width of the room.

Tell us all of the parameters and post a plan.

Here is a link that might be useful: here is a link to the URL you posted

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You can't get a practical wider window stool unless you do the little bump-out.

What you want is called a "Box Bay Window" - a square bay window. It's ofetn used where you need or want a deeper sill.

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