Been shopping again.

christmascandyMarch 3, 2012

I came across this unique lamp, 50% off Senior Day = $3.99, at ARC and thought it would be perfect on the Secretary in my living room. The box said "Lithophane Lamp" and it has a plastic (?) shade with scenes inside the panels that show when the lamp is lit.

Then at a GdWl, I found this cute ceramic Bunny Box. It has lots of tiny details and nothing was broken!! $3.39 after 15% discount.

Finally, a very detailed Creamware teapot made in Portugal. $2.80 after my 25% discount.

I never need any of this stuff, but always seem to find a home for it!! LOL



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Neat finds, Love that rabbit box. I ]t will be so neat for Easter, That lamp is so unique and who doesn't love pitchers. teapots, especially cream colored ones.

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Marlene Kindred

My grandmother used to have one of those little lamps and I was fascinated with it as a kid. Think it's so neat that the scenes shine through when lit. LOVE the bunny box...very cute! And your teapot is absolutely gorgeous....jealous here. Great finds...looks like a very successful shopping day for you.

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I am on the lookout for a teapot! I would have had to arm wrestle you for the one you found (I'm short but scrappy lol)! I love the bunny box and the lamp is so interesting. Great finds Candy.

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You really hit the jackpot! The lamp looks very vintage to me, what a nice find. Of course I'm lusting over the bunny box! (it is similar to a set of 3 I got from Costco MANY years ago!) Great Spring and Easter decor item!
And your teapot is lovely. I've fought with myself for a long, long time to NOT collect teapots. But they've always had such appeal to me, and when antiquing I find them so hard to resist. So far I only have a few and that's because they have rabbit motifs so go in my "rabbit collection". LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, that teapot! Wow! You found some great $$$ bargains!!! and that bunny box will be perfect for Spring decor! I'm working on it ...even if the weather isn't (yet)! Who cares if we 'need' the stuff...I always feels like it's ok cause I'm giving it a go-oooood home! ;-) TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Candy, that is a great lamp. The shade looks like it has older scenes that are so neat. Love your adorable bunny box. Found that one in time!

What a great find with your new teapot. So much detail on it. I went shopping today and ended up buying several pairs of new shoes. They have so many cute ones out and I couldn't decide which ones I liked best so bought all of them.LOL


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What a cute bunny box, and really neat lamp. Very pretty detail on the teapot too. You always find the neatest stuff Candy. Luvs

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Candy SCORES again. You find the best things.
The lamp is wonderful.
The Bunny box would look good at my house lol.
Pretty Tea Pot too.

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GREAT DEALS and super cute stuff!

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So, here's the important question. If you come along with me when I shop, does your "shopping savvy" rub off on me?

You found some great prizes - and so cheap too!

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Candy...such lovely goodies again.
I swear, I think everytime you's because they're waiting 'just for you' to find them !
Who cares if you need them or not - those 'pretties' at such great prices - deserve to go home with you!


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