Uses for Microfiber Cloths

singingsky_z5February 12, 2009

Hello there! Since I am a bit behind the times, used to using rags and paper towels for cleaning, will you guys clue me in on all the uses for microber cloths?

Are they used either wet or dry? Does one use cleaning fluids with them? Do they go into the washer? Everything that you can think of would be greatly appreciated -- and please provide details, if you would be so kind! I have had one small box of the Windex kind and, for the life of me, could not figure what good use they provided. That was no doubt due to my lack of expertise.

Also, what are the best - and also the most frugal brands? Where do you get them? (We don't have Costco around here, neither do we shop at Sam's Club.)

What size should they be?

Thanks for whatever info you can supply!!

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I am have always been sulky about having to do housework, and I am crazy about these things!
I use them for everything, and use them both wet and dry. I wring one out in warm water to clean with, and polish dry with a dry one. For windows, I sometimes also use a light spritz of a few drops of dish detergent and a quarter cup of vinegar in a quart of water. For everything except places in the kitchen or bathroom where some cleaning product is needed, I don't use anything but water. I wrap them around my Swiffer duster to do light damp mopping.,,this weekend I used a damp one on my Swiffer, followed by a dry one, to clean the top sashes of my tallest windows.
They go in the washing machine with my kitchen towels, and I take them out of the dryer before they are entirely done...some people prefer not to put them in the dryer.
The wonderful thing about them is that they don't shed, and they eliminate the need for chemical cleaners for most everything. I have gotten them really grimy, and then rubbed and soaked them with a little detergent, and they come clean (well, a stain or two over time, but no lingering dirt).
I keep a pile in the kitchen, a smaller pile in each bathroom, a few in the car, and one in my desk drawer to do little touch-ups.
As to brand, I know some are better than others. Mine came from, I think, the Home Trends catalog. Other posters will have more information than I do, no doubt.

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I recently bought some and I love them! Do NOT use dryer sheets with them, that's all the companies ask.

I will never use a swiffer duster again except to get hard to reach places. Swiffer only moves dust, it doesn't pick dust up like microfibers.

One thing I'm using in the kitchen now instead of 409 and paper towels, is Clorox Disinfectant Wipes. They make the stove and counters spic and span.

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there are many uses.. think of it this way.. what ever you normally use rags and paper towels on, you can use micro fiber cloths on. I use them to clean the kitchen, appliances ( works great on stainless steal) and counter tops . I clean the windows and mirrors with one that is made for them (Rubbermaid, Target) leaves windows sparkling with out the paper towel Âdust and all you need is water in a spray bottle. All the molding, window sills, etc. I use them to clean the bathroom (except the toilet) sink, mirror, faucet, shower door glass and wall tile . I clean the washer and dryerÂs exterior.. just about everything.
They also make one for furniture to dust with for the flooring, I use a micro fiber mopÂ

I bought them from a few different places.. if you have a Target, they carry them.. I also buy on line.. Actually, they even have them in supermarkets , so they are easy to come by. The last bunch I bought was from a home expo show.. I even bought a micro fiber cleaning mitt, which I like very much. I am sure more people will give you more ideas. Hope this was of some help..let us know when you get them and how you like them!

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I bought some Microfiber kitchen towels to use but turned out they didn't work so well for the kitchen. Fuzzies and hair seemed to find their way to them, which is gross in a kitchen. So I cut them in half and use them for cleaning, dusting, anything but kitchen towels! I use them dry to dust and damp to wipe baseboards, etc.

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You can buy them in bulk in the automotive section of stores, including WalMart.

I bought a package of 50 microfiber cloths and wash them separately from my other wash loads to keep lint off them. I don't know whether it matters or not.

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You must wash microfiber cloths separately. The lint from other items would get into the microfiber making it less effective at cleaning. In my home, I have a separate laundry basket for my microfiber cloths and mop heads.

I had an office chair with fabric covered seat. It had a stain that I could not get out with anything. Frustrating! Finally in desperation one day, I took a damp/wet microfiber cloth and started scrubbing. And the stain came out fairly readily!!! I could not believe it.

Costco sells a large package of these cloths in their automotive section for a very reasonable price.

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Ladies, you are a lovely and kind source of information. Thank you very much! Think I'll be getting some of these.

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I really changed the way I cleaned after I discovered microfiber cloths. They make it much easier for me. I like them so well that I give them as gifts and people who have never used them before are always grateful. I put together the following for others. (I have posted this elsewhere on the Garden Web. Sorry for the repeat post and sorry it is SO LONG.)

Wash separately (you can hand wash them). Especially do not wash with towels (they pick up lint and it ruins their lint-free properties). I use hot water and a small amount of soap when I hand wash and I rinse thoroughly. However, I have so many of them now that I usually use the washing machine to do a load of just microfibers. (I have two microfiber mops with removable mop pads that I can throw into the washing machine. I use them as dust mops and to wet mop my hardwood floors and my kitchen floor.)

No fabric softener of any kind!! (IT RUINS THEM.)

No bleach (except on the microfiber dish cloths which you can purchase at Target).

No cleaner is necessary when using microfiber cloths (in fact glass will be cleaner just using water because it stops the build up of stuff on the glass). However, you can use cleaners with them if you wish.

If you donÂt want to dry what you just wiped, do not overwet the cloth. Barely damp works best and you donÂt get any streaking. Really wring the dishcloths out well before you wipe the stove top and it will not streak at all.

Wet one microfiber cloth to wash the windows, use a dry one to dry. It is so fast and easy to get clean windows. THESE CLOTHS ARE REALLY GREAT TO DO A QUICK CLEANING JOB ON YOUR PATIO OR SLIDING GLASS DOORS. ONLY TAKES MINUTES.

I use them on the bathroom mirrors immediately after showering while they have condensation on them and I also wipe down the tile after showering (it only takes a second). I keep two in the cabinet under my sink and I have one hanging in my shower. They air dry very quickly.

They are great to use to do a quick clean on the bathroom sink after I dry my hair and put on my makeup.

Great to shine up appliances with little or no effort. Try on the washing machine, the dryer, the refrigerator. Excellent on stainless steel surfaces for all those pesky finger prints. Great for granite too.

Perfect for TV and computer screens (use barely damp).

If you have a glass shower enclosure, try wiping that down after showering.

They also work well as dustcloths or you can attach it to your swifter and use it as a dustmop.

The small eyeglass microfiber cloths, which have a much finer nap, are great for glass knick knacks.

Great for cleaning your car (both for washing it and drying it). You can really clean the car windows fast with microfibers if you need a quick windshield cleaning done. I keep a couple in the car in a plastic bag to wipe the condensation off of the outside windows and mirrors on dewey mornings. (We don't have a garage.)

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I keep a microfibre cloth in my bathroom. After my shower, when the mirror is steamed up, I wipe it with the cloth, a little extra rubbing on those nasty toothpaste splatters.

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I have very oily skin and found the microfiber cloths to be great washcloths. They're gentle but clean well.

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We had a sprinkle of rain and use microfiber to wipe the car preventing dust spots without need of washing the car.

The most impressive application I have found is, as noted by chickadeead above, the small eyeglass microfiber cloths.

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Today I wanted to discuss my true obsession with microfiber cloths. I have been using these for about three years now, for just about everything around our house. Microfiber is one of God's great gifts because it can be used for so many things.

I originally started using microfiber cloths just for cleaning the house. Dry, they are amazing dust cloths. Wet, they can be used to wipe down counters, mirrors, and showers.

After using those for just those reasons, I started to expand my list of uses. I then started to put a microfiber cloth on the end of my Swiffer and used that to dry dust my floors. I could also attach a dry cloth and use my Swiffer to reach up into the corners of the rooms, where all those dreaded cobwebs take over, without pulling a muscle. Wet, attached to the Swiffer, they can be used much like the expensive wet cloths you buy, but these babies can be reused.

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Oh Happy Days! I have always used my microfiber clothes just for dry dusting. After reading all your posts today I got two of my clothes out and wet one. I have used the wet one for washing mirrors and windows and the dry one for drying as I go. I have done the tv's. I am thrilled and am going to buy more of them to make sure I have at least two for every room. I attend "stretch your dollar" meeting bi-weekly in my county and I will be telling everyone about this. Everything that I have that I had to buy replacement cloths for like swiffer and dust mops and all will be replaced with these cloths. I am just so thrilled. Gotta go and email all my daughters and family to tell them about this.

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Can you all share how you attach your microfiber cloths to your swiffer? Thanks!

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I attach mine like I would a swiffer cloth. Just fit it to the swiffer and push it into the holes like I do the swiffer cloths. The microfiber cloths I use are the smaller ones that are about washcloth size. I get them from walmart. They are 8 cloths for 5 dollars in the automotive department.
Hope this helps.


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Thank you! Can't wait to try this. What a great tip.

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I am going to buy some of these today. I can only hope to be half as excited about cleaning as you guys are. :) We have a yard of sand and dark furniture, so the dust is driving me crazy! Thanks for the advice!

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So glad I found this post! I bought a few last week from Walmart and so far have only used for dusting, but will be doing way more after reading these suggestions...thanks everyone!

I HAD been putting them in with my towels, but now realize that's a big no-no (also used small amount of fabric softener). Have I ruined them already? I guess I should wash separately (or perhaps with my clothing?) and hang to dry...would vinegar in the rinse be ok?

Also, this may be a different post, but my dh has one of those projector-screen tv's and I'm embarrassed to say that I've never cleaned the screen; he said you can't use cleaner on it so I haven't chanced messing it up. But wondering if a microfiber cloth (damp?) could be used on worked soooo well getting the dust off the top if the screen!

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beanwabr- I don't think you would have ruined them, just handwash and hang to dry.

For your DH screen tv you can use the Monster cleaner- I provided a link. This is the only thing we use to clean our flat screens, it does come with a very fine microfiber. After I clean the screens I let it dry all they way and store it in a ziploc baggie to keep debris from getting on it. It doesn't take much spray and a bottle used once a week has lasted for over a year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monster cleaner for tv

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I was watching this lady clean on some youtube videos, and she used different colors for different jobs, can you wash them all in the same load? Like if you use one color for dusting and one for glass...what if the dusting one has Pledge on it? Or is the point you don't have to use anything but water?? I would like to try them but I have a huge washer and I can't see ever having enough cloths to make up even a small load by themselves.

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I never use anything like Pledge on them -- mostly just water, or water with a little dish soap or vinegar in it.

I've always washed them in my regular wash, but have gradually accumulated quite a few of them . . . I'm going to buy a big bundle at costco and then have a laundry basket just for them. Eventually they'll all be dirty, and then I'll do them in a separate load.

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I bought the brick from Costco. One thing I can say is never get them around sawdust or launder with clothes that may have sawdust on them. You will never get all the sawdust out.

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This may or may not be a useful FYI: We had a new store 'Dollar Store and More' open in a nearby strip mall. They had a fair sized, perhaps 14 inch square, for one dollar each.

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I finally bought a big pack of them. Used some to clean my bathroom, they did a good job. I have a huge front window that has been cleaned many times and there is always a slight haze I could not get rid of. I wouldn't see it during the day, but at night when the lamp outside is shining in I could see little smudges. So I used one of my new cloths slightly damp and did half the window and stood back, completely clean and shiny!! I'm sure I must have been a sight in my nightgown standing in the window cleaning it at midnight! I was thrilled and have found many things to clean with my new cloths.

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I saw them on sale at Harbor Freight Tools, on Saturday.

Even their regular prices make them a fairly good value.

They ARE a cool product :-)

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Don't forget how great they are for cleaning granite counters and stainless appliances.

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Microfiber cloths make great mops. I used 2 cloths cut into strips and attached to my Fuller Brush mop head after cutting off the old cotton strings from the mop head frame.

Makes an excellent mop.

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I also enjoy reading reviews at the cosmetic forums, the ladies love to use the wash cloth sized (or cut down a large one) to wash their faces with...they exfoliate your skin!

I loved the idea of color coding them too as jonsgirl said above! Great idea!

Has anyone noticed if any one brand is better or are they all good.

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Wow! I love all the excitement about using microfiber cloths because I became a "Rag Lady" about 2 years ago and it is all I use to clean everything and I use just water to clean with. We haven't used paper towels or 'commercial' cleaners in our house since that time. I use this cloth, my soap-nuts, baking soda, vinegar, and Bon-ami.

Our family feels really good about keeping chemicals out of our home and environment. Did you know that the manufacturers of cleaning products are not required by law to put their ingredients on the label-even when they are considered toxic by the EPA?

Anyway the cloths are not the terry cloth type but the very thin chamois kind. They cost about 5 bucks but can last a couple years so they are very worth it for me.

I use them wet and they pick up the dirt and then I rinse out the cloth in a bucket of water as I am cleaning. I dust, scrub, and wipe every surface in our house with them They never streak-unless they are dirty and then I just wash them.

Cleaning for me is no longer a chore..

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OMG !! couldn't believe all the praise, actually thought someone was selling something. Just had to go out and buy one to try. WoW Wow. Wanted more and didn't want to go all the way to Walmart for bargain so I tried a Discount Auto Store. I thought I was in Pig Heaven....a wall full of all sorts of microfiber "stuff". As they say "try it you'll like it". Thanks for all your tips...

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Do you dust your wood furniture with them?

I love them for the t.v., windows, computer, etc., but haven't used them on my wood furniture.

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I bought the 10-pack from Harbor Freight and I love them. I had some from Walmart Auto Supplies that I thought were good, but the HF clothes are big and thick and come in three colors to a pack. I love them. I use them for everything. I keep one in each bathroom, a bunch in my kitchen and the rest in the broom closet. They clean everything, mirrors come clean and clear without any streaks. I use them to dust everything. I love how they soak up water on the kitchen counter next to the sink.

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I can't think of one thing I don't use my micro fiber cloths for. The paper towel people hate me!! Decreased use of paper towels by 99%.

I dirty a few, throw them in the wash, dry on low heat and I'm good for another week of wiping and cleaning!! The best invention ever.

Do they ever actually wear out? LOL Mine keep going and going like they are brand new.

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I've had a renewed appreciation for Microfiber since I got the Lotus sanitizer system after reading reviews on here for it. I never thought using water and cloths to clean could be as effective, but I've been a convert as of late. I got the huge brick of 36 cloths from Costco and seem to go through all of them during the week. Wash and dry them on Sunday and I'm good for another week of cleaning. My only complaint about the Costo ones are that they seem to leave very small tiny "hairs" on mirrors and windows when I'm washing them.

My all time favorite microfiber cloths are the Mystic Maid (I think that's the name) ones. They were much more expensive than bulk ones but are great on a few items. Most of the time the cheap ones work just as well and have held up wonderfully being washed every week.

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I don't think it really matters what brand you get as they are all virtually indestructible. I got my first batch 10-15 years ago at Lidl's (it's like the European dollar store) and I still have a lot of those yukky green microfiber cloths. Some have been lost or stolen, but the rest are still going strong. I tend to like the terry cloth type for floors and the smooth ones for dusting and polishing. You can use the smooth ones in the workshop, but earlier poster was right any sawdust or sanding particles will ruin the terry-type (the smooth ones work so well for between sanding tasks that I don't use the oiled cheesecloth anymore). Try a few versions out and see which type you like best, and for what tasks. If a certain color turns you off, avoid it, because these things will be with you probably for the rest of your life. It's like carpet, it doesn't really wear out--it uglies out. But who cares enough about cleaning cloths to replace a ugly cloth that still works fabulously.

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Now that I think about it, I remember reading somewhere why environmentalists hate microfibre and it's because it never breaks down. That explains why they last forever. I still think they are a good thing because they cut down on the use of disposable towels which I imagine really clog up landfills in a hurry.

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I'm still unclear as to what cleaning fluids can be used with the cloths. I want to make sure I'm sanitizing my kitchen counters and bathrooms. Can I use all purpose cleaners with the cloths? Any help would be appreciated!

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Yes, you can use various cleaners when using microfiber cloths. If the cleaner is safe for the kitchen and bathroom counters it will be safe for the microfiber cloth, except bleach or chemicals for unclogging sink drains.

The main thing is to be sure and wash microfiber cloths by themselves to keep ravelings, lint, etc. from other fabrics becoming embedded in the fibers. It is a pain to hand pick such from the microfiber cloths.

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I learned about these years ago on one of these forums and have never been without them since that time. I buy mine from the automotive section at Target-packets of 8 I think. I like the smaller, thinner size than some of the huge ones I bought awhile back from Improvements. They last a long time, through many washings.

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The Lotus sanitizing system works with "charged" water so there is never any problem with cleaners in the microfiber cloths.
I clean everything with microfiber!
I have found that microfiber and the steamers work hand-in-hand wonderfully for the harder jobs that the Lotus just can't handle.

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