Portable Canister for Hardwood Floors

dlspellmanFebruary 14, 2008

Hey all,

I'm counting on great input here. I've been reading other posts for hours and am totally confused.

I primarily have hardwood and tile floors throught my house with area rugs in nearly every room.

I currently clean with a Kenmore Canister. And I have to tell you, I hate dragging the canister behind me, banging into doorways, furniture, etc. along the way, not to mention imagining what those wheels are doing as they scratch along the newly finished floors....

I'd love to find a lightweight shoulder or packback type canister with great suction and a great hardwood floor attachment - anyone know of one? And if it had a carpet/rug attachment, then I'd really be in heaven!

I'd be open to an upright as well, but my experience has shown they haven't done great on hardwood floors - seems like I always felt the dirt hitting my feet as I vacuumed with them!

Anyone know of the perfect vacuum out there to meet my needs? Thanks!

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The perfect vacuum that meets your needs is a central vac system. :)

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There really should not be a problem with your Kenmore, especially if the wheels are made from a softer material. I am more of a canister person, since I have been using them since I was a kid. Everyone will run the canister into a wall or furniture on occasion. That is normal. When you are pulling the vacuum cleaner, just take a quick look behind. That being said, let's move on.

Question-Do you have the Kenmore canister that uses a power nozzle(for the rugs)?

You can find backpack vacuum cleaners that will work in your home. Can you hold about 9lbs. on your back? Can you lift it onto your back and shoulders? These are things to think about when deciding.

You are better off getting a backpack that uses standard 1 1/4" attachments,hose and wands. This way, you can get replacement parts easily and holding the wands are easier for smaller hands. They are also easier to move around in close quarters. If you choose to add an attachment, you can easily go out and buy it. For example, these systems come with a floor brush attachment, but you could always go out and purchase a better "fit-all" attachment if you choose.

There are brands and models that have the power nozzle, for carpeting. These will cost more than the backpacks without power nozzles, of course.

What do you think so far?

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Central vac is not an option....

I do have the power nozzle for the kenmore. And I do like it, BUT, I absolutely hate dragging a canister around behind me, and I do feel like my floors are getting scratched up from something - whether its the wheels, hardwood floor attachment, or what I don't know.

Holding 9-10 lbs. shouldn't be an issue, at least not for a few years yet. And I don't mind spending the money if it meets my goals...

So where do I start? I'd really like the power head if possible.

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A good BackPack Vac WITH a powerhead will cost $650 Plus!

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Here are a few backpacks with power nozzles that I would suggest looking into.

First, we have the Proteam Sierra. You will want it with the power nozzle. Some places sell the power nozzle as a seperate kit, while others include it. It has a long warranty, but you are going to pay for it. The price is around $700.

Second, look at the ASPRIA CHARLOTTE Powerbrush Premium. It is the same as the Proteam above. I have never heard of ASPRIA, but I believe they are made for Vacdepot.com. You are getting the same machine for less. You are also getting a shorter warranty for the lower price. Another thing to consider is warranty work. Where will they want you to take your ASPRIA for work under warranty. I would first call them and ask for your area. After the warranty expires, no big deal, since it is a Proteam. Look to spend $550 for this model. If you want to go higher, there is same Charlotte with a very good power nozzle from Lindhaus. This is called the Charlotte Powerbrush Ultra QDC.

There is good feature with all the above mentioned backpacks. These vacuums can be used as a canister with wheels. So if you are not feeling like lifting on your back one day, just pull it around. It is probably a good feature it you want your kids to vacuum, but they cannot carry it on their shoulders.

Lastly, there is the Electroklean. They have a model called the Electroklean 2000. You can get it with the power nozzle or get the suction-only and order the power nozzle kit also. This brand will have a shorter warranty period. The power nozzle is not as good as the ones on the ASPRIA and PROTEAM brands, but it is not bad.

Now you have to decide.

You might want to find a Janitor supply store in your area and see if they carry backpack vacuum cleaners. This way, you can put one one and see how you like it. Many vac shops will not carry it. You might be lucky and find one that does. They can order it for you though.

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Fantastic information - thank you, thank you, thank you! I have read many of your posts and your are true godsend to this forum. Thanks so much!

As a last question - do you think there are any uprights that do a good job on both hardwood floors and rugs? I'm just looking for options that don't involve dragging & banging a canister around behind me. That's why I went to a backpack....but, if there are any good uprights, I'd consider those, too.

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I recommend the SEBO Felix. It has the power head of a canister in an upright AND can be used as a dustbuster. Odd looking but a VERY VERSATILE machine.

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Why don't you just change the way you vacuum? I clean for a living and I always vacuum my way out of the room. I start in the farthest corner and clean my way out of the room. I am dealing with carpet and footprints and you are not due to the hardwood. I have the hose in my right hand, at waist level and the canister is always in front of me, on my left. This way you never fall over the vac or catch it on anything as it is always in your line of sight. I do the same thing with my central vac but I hang the hose around my neck so I don't break my neck falling over 35 foot of hose. When you first try this you will have to think about it but then it becomes second nature. It's worth a shot!

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I think you're either a canister person or your not. I don't particularly care for them either banging into things. Seems like everytime you turn your back and pull on the hose the canister snags or bangs into something. That being said,, since I have scores of collectible vacuums my all time favorite canister is the Hoover Constellation, looks like a big ball, which floats on air,, no wheels. And you can buy new ones once again for about $150. I still bangs into stuff but it doesn't seem to get snagged so easily as vacs on wheels.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover Consellation

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Hi there,

I also have hardwood floors throughout my house except for bathrooms (tile). So, 2700 sq feet of hardwoods is a LOT! I have researched the backpacks, but I was also told the SEBO is a great upright for hardwood floors. I also hate canisters and also have the Kenmore canister. I only bought it b/c my claning lady recommended it. I would never buy a canister again. ANyway, look into the SEBO. I did not end up buying one b/c I received a ROOMBA as a gift. I was very skeptical, but tried it and it is working amazingly well! Saves me a lot of time. Good luck in your search.

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Thankyou for the positive comment.

There are some uprights that will clean floors. The Sebo X4 upright will clean floors as well as carpeting. It will have soft wheels for hardwood floors. I have found that uprights have a harder time getting in those small, tight spaces. What you might want to do is check out the Sebo Felix models.

The Felix is like a very expensive stick vacuum. It has the ability to clean carpeting, using a power nozzle. If you have a lot of flooring, the Felix can be used as a suction only stick vacuum. Just remove the power nozzle and attach the parquet floor tool.

Lindhaus also has models that utilize similar power nozzle and floor tool configurations. The Sebo will not cost as much as the Italian Lindhaus.

You do not want a Hoover Constellation canister if you bump into things, because you will bump into thing more often. There is less control compared to a caniter with wheels.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sebo

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I bought a Proteam Super Quartervac (a backpack) several months ago for the same reason. We have all hardwoods and area rugs.

Proteam sells a non-powered carpet brush that does a good job. It's not as good as the beater bars on an upright or powered head, but much better than I thought.

I use a felt-bottom hard floor tool on the hardwoods and it works very well. I can clean in a fraction of the time.

The included cord is 50 feet long, so you rarely have to unplug as you clean, and there is no cannister to get in your way.

You can also clean underneath furniture like sofas, sideboard, bed, etc by stooping down and swiping underneath them.

The best of all is cleaning steps. I can put on a dust brush and just climb backwards down the steps cleaning everything in reach without having anything in my way.

Bag changes are easy and the bags filter out dust very well.

As a truly professional grade tool I feel like I will never need to replace it. It has very simple, durable construction.

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