Help me choose a lever door handle

northpolehomeMarch 29, 2014

Just need a style. Builder will provide any finish. What would you choose?

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A lot depends on the style of your home.

I'm choosing something similar to the first one on the board, different brand.

I also like the first one on the third row down. I'm doing a very traditional olde world style though.

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We are doing the once in the first column, 3 down. We are doing a rustic craftsman vibe. At least that's what I am calling it. We haven't had to commit just yet but that's what I had bid out. I actually really like all 3 of the dark ones. Which one are you leaning towards? and ditto the above poster, what's the feeling/look you are going for?

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Try handling them with your eyes closed-- they need to feel good to you as well as look good. For looks, it definitely depends on the style of the house overall.

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I like the idea of touching them with your eyes closed.

I'd also say go with the best possible quality. Door handles get lots of use.

I'd say go as simple as possible. This is something that likely only you will ever really notice, but it's something you don't want to replace later because it begins to look outdated. Simple doesn't look "old" in future years.

I like everything on the second row best.
I dislike the one fourth row down /far left /with the thumbspot -- it looks too industrial for a personal house.

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