Culinarian survey at 24 hours

aliris19March 5, 2012

24 or so hours after putting up a survey of people's experience with the Culinarian's simmer, 20 folks have responded.

14 of those responded before the question was posed to clarify whether natural gas or propane was being used. Of the 6 who answered regarding the type of fuel, there was an even split between natural gas and propane.

5 people, or 25% of the respondents reported satisfaction with the Culinarian's simmer.

Only 3 of these answered after the fuel question was added. 2 were using natural gas, 1 was using propane.

Of the 15 respondents who were not satisfied with the Culinarian's ability to simmer, all agreed the burner temperature was too hot. 7 noted additionally they had a problem with the burners clicking. 4 noted the burner seems too large on simmer still, and one noted offsetting the pan to assist their simmer and another that the simmer was uneven.

There were several succinct explanations of their experience left by people and I will pass those along to Capital. I forgot to explicitly ask permission for this. If you wrote something on the survey and do not want it relayed to Capital, please contact me offlist.

There were several email addresses left that I did not recognize from GW though I made no close study of this. It's possible some used this more anonymous forum for expressing their troubles.

Please feel free to continue completing the survey; I'll update results periodically.

If you know of Culinarian owners not actively posting any longer but who you think might be impelled to complete the survey (regardless of simmering experience), it would be terrific if you'd consider contacting them offlist and urge their participation.


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Have your own issues with your simmer burners already been corrected? I know I've seen quite a few posters struggling with the simmer setting out of the box, a lot of people who've had their issues fixed, and a few who mentioned great simmer right out of the box. I'm very interested because I'm about to order a CC range. It does seem a bit ridiculous that they're not better out of the box.

OTOH, human nature is such that unhappy people are MUCH more likely to sound off than happy people, so there's a lack of randomness to the survey sample.


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Hi David: My issues haven't yet been corrected, and the company was out here once. But I believe they plan to come out to adjust things a second time.

I know there are several people out there in just your same situation, on the fence about what to buy, interested in these "field" experiences.

I agree the survey isn't going to get a very good "denominator" of all users, especially those with no problems at all. (For that matter, it's not likely to get a very good numerator either). But there have been a lot of complaints about this simmering issue over the years now and it is some attempt at batching these together to get some vague sense -- and Capital's attention -- regarding the issue.

No need, I don't think, to discuss the limitations of the survey -- they are myriad! OTOH, they do focus the problem quite sharply ... which is good, I think.

Anyway - as for my personal experience, I've posted a lot about it; please feel free to search the posts.

While it's not currently simmering well, IMO, I actually hold out a lot of hope that incremental improvements might make a big bottom-line difference in whether the machine can be said to "simmer". I know Capital is paying very careful attention to all these experiences and I am very hopeful they will come through for their customers.

If I were in your position, right on the verge of jumping into one camp or another, I'd phone the company and put my questions and concerns to them directly. Or Trevor, if you're comfortable with his veracity as salesman (I am, personally; YMMV). At the end of the day, everything out here is just swirling rumor. But if you need specific assurances, it's not hard to reach those who can make them. Call Capital, explain your dilemma!

HTH ...

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