Bathroom in playroom?

topmanMarch 17, 2012

We are planning to use one of the rooms on the second floor as a playroom. DH is wondering if it's necessary to add a power room or even a bathroom inside the playroom, it is enough to add a power room more than a bathroom. For those of you who have a playroom on second floor, what did you do? I am thinking if friends of our kid are playing in the playroom and need to use the bathroom, it may be a hassle to get out of the playroom and then go into one of the bedrooms to use bathroom. We have separate bathroom for each bedroom on second floor. At the same time, it is just a playroom and we are not sure if it is wise to spend the money to add a small powder room in that room. Would love to hear from people who have similar experiences, thanks!

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We solved this problem by planning for one of the bedroom's bath to have hall access or access directly to the playroom. I wouldn't spend the extra money. Anyone who is up there will be a friend to one of your kids and shouldn't be a big deal to walk a few feet to use the restroom.

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Is this playroom going to have a closet? Could it be considered a bedroom? If so, it may be worth the money for resale, but if it could be only a playroom or office I personally wouldn't spend the money.

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Hall access secondary baths are so much more useful than en suite ones. If the kids can't walk down the hall to the bath then they need to have their video games taken away and be sent outside in the sunshine.

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LOL live_wire

I remember one of the houses I grew up in had an outhouse. No longer in use but the neighbors still used theirs. So...I guess it's all relative!

I do remember a pump sink beside the kitchen sink as well as a pump outdoors. Oh, my - I am aging myself ;)

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We have a pretty large playroom upstairs, and we had ds's bathroom have doors to both his bedroom and the playroom (one is a pocket door.) This made sense for us for many reasons. Right now, the playroom is more 12 year old ds's has his basketball goal, his video games, all his boy stuff. When his friends come over, that is where they hang out. I am glad they use ds's bathroom, with his slate-colored tile! Wouldn't want them using dd's pretty white bath, or my powder room! :)
Dd (9) likes playing in her room with her friends, so they use her bath.

Another reason we gave the playroom access to a bath is that it could function as a secondary master if (waaaayyyy in the future) we ever sold it and the family who bought it wanted to sleep upstairs with small children. I planned a really big storage closet in there that could be re-configured into a clothes closet.

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@ Jon, no the playroom won't have a closet on the plan now so it cannot be considered a bedroom in the future. However, we can possibly add a closet if we want to in the future.
Thanks for all the responses! Need to give this a thought.

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