St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Marlene KindredMarch 4, 2011

I've been lurking for a while now and really enjoy all of the wonderful table and home decorations. I decided to jump in with my buffet decorations for St. Patty's day. A good many of them came from my DD's room, but she was very gracious to share with me temporarily anyway.

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Welcome out of lurkdom! I love that angel picture & also the little Irish castle, never have seen one like that before.

That plate holder looks very antique & goes well with the goblet, very pretty.

Your buffet looks great!

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I'm a lurker for the most part, too, only because I have nothing cool enough to share, lol.
But, you simply MUST post more often!
it's ideas like this that make it worthwhile to try and decorate for the smaller holidays, as well.

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Whoa! Job well done!

I love the center plate. Where did that come from? And the pewter goblet has a great insignia on it. What does it stand for?

You really must tell about the different elements in your design. Inquiring minds want to know.

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I love that castle teapot!
Your vignette is wonderful and you have put all the elements together so perfectly.

Is the green piece by the pot of gold a pendant?

Beautiful job.


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Marlene Kindred

Thanks for the compliments and encouragement! The castle is actually a teapot, the center "plate" is actually a stepping stone and I have no idea what the emblem on the goblet was a catalog item from Gael Song. The garland and the picture are pictures I downloaded from the web and I got the garland idea from one of the bloggers on the Graphic Fairy's website. I made a much bigger one for Valentine's day and liked it so much that I thought I would make a smaller version for this holiday as well. It was fun putting all of my TS and YS finds together to make this little display.

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Marlene, so glad you posted pictures of your wonderful St Pat's decorations. I enjoyed seeing everything. You have some neat items. Hope you will continue to join us here.

Nutmeg, so happy Marlene brought you to posting with her creative decorations she displayed. Please continue to come and post with us too.

This is so sweeeet to have to more joining our Happy Holiday family.


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slinkey glad you came out of 'lurkdom'.
Your vignette is lovely and serene looking. I too love the round plate, goblet and the angel picture.
What a surprise that your castle is really a teapot! Very cute. I have to say tho, that I love your wall is such a pretty backdrop for this setting.


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Marlene, my dear Garden Junk friend, I am totally blown away by how lovely your St Patrick's decor is! WOW. Now you will definitely have to stay out of Lurkdom and play with us! If you don't, I'll sic Jeanne and Frou on you too.

Everything is so beautiful and I can't wait to add it to our Inspiration album! That picture you framed of the little girl...would you believe I'd downloaded and printed the same one to frame! I love it.

That stepping stone makes one heck of a gorgeous "plate"!!

You've sure put a smile on my face tonight.
hugs, Karen

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Marlene, You did a wonderful job with your vignette. It is a delight to look at. Those leprechauns are too cute. The picture of the angel is perfect. Welcome. I'm so glad you decided to join us here. Please come back and play with us.
We love looking at every ones displays and treasures.
PS I love your wallpaper too!!

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Your buffet looks lovely! I love all your Irish themed things. It is a grand time of year!

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LOL, Marlene & Purplemoon...I printed out that same "Irish Angel" the other day, too! I made some postcard size & thought might make good nametags & also made an 8x10 on the clear adhesive backed plastic sheet to put around a candle like I did the GWTW music. She is a precious angel. Yes, Marlene, WELCOME, WELCOME, our GJunk friend!

Like OA, the round plate drew my sure takes precedence on your buffet...BEAUTIFUL stepping stone & the holder, too! Love the pot of gold! Everything is great...I'm humming When Irish Eyes are Smiling... TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great job on your buffet, Marlene, and I too am so glad you decided to share some pics with us. Love the little figurine in the vase and the other two as well. That round stepping stone made a really eye catching piece to use. Your garland looks really good too--I keep meaning to make one and have even saved some pictures to print for it--one of these days perhaps!

Nutmeg, just chime right in with your comments and such--I don't have many pretties to share either but I don't let that stop me from telling the other's how great their's look. The more the merrier.


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I'm so happy to see your sweet self over here on the side of the forum. You jumped in with a bang, super duper buffet decorations. I love the little castle, it something new for St. Paddys and it really adds a lot. I also love the plate.

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