OTR microwave over countertop

bob4321March 31, 2012

Is it possible to use an OTR microwave under a cabinet, but over a countertop and not a stove, I think the OTR microwaves look much nicer than the built ins or the ones with trim kits. It would stick out a bit past the cabinet face.

This would allow me to have double wall ovens with top oven at eye level as well as the much used microwave at a high position. Would not use the fan or exhaust.

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Sure, people have done this. You can also get an over-the-counter model from sharp.

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I did it. I put an Advantium OTR over the counter. Nut I also have 15" uppers, so it doesn't stick out much. Here are a couple of photos taken right after installation.

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Thanks for the info. The sharp is 24". Most of the otr mw are 30" which gives more counter space underneath, so will look at those.

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jscott- really like the pictures. It's exactly what I was looking to placing the
MW next to the range hood. Gives nice work area next to the range.

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FYI, the OTR is 30" and the counter below is 36". There are a couple of features of the the OTR that are useful where it is. It has a built in light, so I didn't have to install undercabinet lights. It's also heat and moisture resistant, so I can put a coffee maker, crockpot, rice cooker or any other appliance that may generate heat and steam under there. My range is an all gas range with no electronics, so I use the OTRs built in timer. It was a warming feature, so if I have to, I can plate some food at the range and just throw it in the OTR to keep warm. Although I didn't do it, where I have it located, I could have tied the exhaust into the range hood via the cabinet above. It does generate heat and the fan does come on. Mine is an Advantium, so it doubles as my MW, toaster oven and serves as a third oven.

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Guessing that the range hood is wider than the stove, so that gives lets you have the longer countertop.

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Yes, I have a 48" range and a 54" hood. My cabinet maker used 3/4" plywood, so he doubled it up on each side of the MW to make it 1.5" and then veneered all the visible sides. The contractor was supposed to install it an inch lower flush with the bottom edge of the cabinet. But I decided not to make him reinstall it. I may still put a strip across the bottom to finish off the look, but I still can decide.

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