What to expect during a trim walkthrough

terkruseMarch 10, 2013


We've been informed by our builder that we will be having a trim walkthrough next week. What should we be expecting? The site supervisor isnt good at communicating and, quite frankly, I don't trust him so I'm asking here instead.


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We would have to know what a trim walk-through is. Is this pre-work or a inspection to pass on to paint or something else?
Trim issues:
nails are set.
miters and copes look good.
no ragged splintery cuts.
doors swing easily with no binding at closure.
Doors are shimmed at the proper points (three places each side)
Doors and baseboard were set at appropriate heights in each room to allow for the different floor finishes.
Doors swing the right way; don't cover the wall switches.
Special trims were installed according to schedule.
Railings meet code.

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I would guess the builder's intent is for you to see, inspect and approve some of or all of the completed trim work, interior and/or exterior.

So you should be thinking and looking for:
--The proper types as required by the construction documents, and/or good practice;
--Workmanship meeting the standards of construction documents and/or the trade
--Errors, omissions and incomplete work

On the other hand, if none of the trim was detailed or specified, then perhaps the purpose of the meeting is for you to walk around and describe what you want where. If this is the case, you need to be prepared to describe to builder what you want, or be willing to accept whatever the builder wants to install, lacking any direction from you.

Good luck with your project.

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