Tramontina Tri-Ply Not working with Induction?!?

2LittleFishiesMarch 31, 2013

I have a whole set which DOES work. My DH got me a separate piece I asked for from Walmart. It is also Tramontina and on the bottom of the pot says Tri-Ply Clad. On the Walmart page under ?s several are using with induction.

When trying to use today it doesn't work. Now I see magnet doesn't stick. Why would this be??

Here is a link that might be useful: Walmart Product

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Never rely on website reviews or faqs that are lacking in details about a very specific item.
If the seller doesn't say "induction" anywhere on the packaging, you must do your homework.
They also could have discontinued the induction version if they ever made one in the past.

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When I bought the Emeril set for our induction cooktop several years ago, I noticed there were 2 different sets, (they looked the same) but they were not the same. One said "Induction Capable" or something to that affect and the other said nothing about induction.

Thanks to the folks here, I had my magnet with me. The magnet stuck to the ones marked "Induction Capable", the magnet did not stick to the set that was not marked.

IE, Don't you or your spouse leave home without that magnet when shopping for induction cookware!


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I may be remembering another brand, but I think that Tramontina for a while made some magnetic and some not. IIRC, someone here contacted them, and they replaced one that wasn't working on induction with one that did.

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Yes, like attofarad, I remember that, too. Some pieces within a set weren't magnetic, and Tramontina replaced them.The TriPly is supposed to work on induction. My set, like yours, works fine, and I got a separate piece (that 12" straight sided skillet, which I love and use all the time) that also works. Contact either Walmart or Tramontina - you should be able to return that piece for one that works. I think some of them are inadvertently made with the wrong kind of stainless. Unless they've changed something since 2011...

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Thanks! I emailed Tramontina yesterday. Looking at their site, it's confusing to figure out which exact piece I have but I do see that some of them do not say induction on them. However, I thought all TriPly would be induction capable. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Someone at Tramontina got back to me. If I understand correctly, some of the older TriPly pieces are not induction capable. (We just bought it in December from Walmart). I think now they all are however. Anyway, they are letting me send it back to them and are sending me another 8 quart that will be induction capable! : ) yay! Thanks for your replies!

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I always love a happy ending.
Do you have a griddle or grill pan yet?
I was showing off your kitchen to my picky SIL - she loved it!

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