slimy dishwasher liquid on the top rack glasses

erikgb424February 15, 2013

Am I just being paranoid, like my house-mates think, or is there any health damage, even if it's slight, to having slimy, mirky dishwasher liquid on my dishes? What happens is: most glasses and coffee cups have little divets on the bottoms. When turned upside down on the top rack of the dishwasher, they ALWAYS (for as long as I've been using dishwashers) have a little leftover liquid sitting in those divets. Some top rack items have hollowed out bottoms that completely fill up with said liquid. Also, occasionally tupperware will rotate during the washing cycle and fill up and stay that way. I argue that, not only should that stuff be rinsed off before simply putting back into cabinets, but that the top rack should gently be pulled out first, before the bottom rack does, to minimize that liquid falling down onto the plates and silverware underneath. Again, am I just being paranoid? I know that soap is harmful to the stomach lining and can cause diarrhea, so I use this in my arguments. Does anyone have any knowledge on such matters?

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Does it feel slimy or is it just cloudy. I have white on the bottom of some of my glasses and cups, but it's rinse water calcification or what ever. I try to remember to open the door when it is finished and dab the bottoms to get the water off.

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IMO, you are being overly concerned about this. It is an annoyance to have water collect in the bottoms of glasses, but there is a rinse cycle at the end of the wash, so at least some of the soap is washed away.

I just would not be concerned about the small quantity of soap that might find its way to a dish.

If you can't get past this, there are some things you could do. Replace your glasses with ones that won't collect as much water. Or, be the person in the house who empties the dishwasher.

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I think in some cases you can tilt the glasses in the rack, I have done that. If you have a set of glasses that hold water I think would replace them. I don't buy expensive glass ware so it would not be a huge cost. I buy the break resistant ones.

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I like to use a safe and toxin free dishwasher detergent. That way if there is something left on my dishes I know it's not going to harm my kids or myself.

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I always take a paper towel and absorb the extra water. If a container turns over and is full of water I rinse it out. The water is always clear so I feel it is clean.

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I'm a little concerned that you're getting milky/cloudy water there--if the dishwasher is working correctly, the water SHOULD be clean rinse water.

We all have a few of those items--in my case, my measuring cups have a 'rim' around the base that holds a few drops of water, usually. But the water is perfectly clear.

In your situation? I'd be rewashing ALL the glasses, dishes, flatware before putting them away--knowing that there's something (be it detergent or crud) that's not being washed away during the cycle. And I'd stop using the appliance until it was repaired so that wasn't the case.

Perhaps part of the problem is the brand of detergent? Maybe it would help if we all stated what we use? I've found that the Walmart packs of powder (they come in an 80 pack square container for under $10)--give me the best results for the best price. Some of the pricier alternatives have given problems with residue, etching, discoloration of aluminum--not a problem with the WM brand, though.

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Clean water can cause that. When I open my dishwasher right away the water standing in the low spots on my glasses is clear. I don't know the correct term for the white stuff unless it is calcification. It is the same stuff that collects in a stool bowl if it is not flushed often or a bucket or most any other container that waters sets in long enough for water to evaporate. It is nothing to be concerned about.

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My mother, may she rest in peace, was fastidious about opening the dishwasher at the end of the cycle, pulling out the top rack and turning everything on top over so any pooling water would drip down onto the door. It also released steam and helped everything dry off faster. I thought she was being a little compulsive about it but I now understand her purpose. The important thing is to pull the top rack out carefully to minimize dripping on the bottom rack. The whitish water is possibly hard water or it could be poorly rinsed water - is the drain blocked, or the filter?

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Try running the dishwater empty with a bottle of "Dishwasher magic" on the hottest cycle. It will clear out the calcium deposits and other gung and your next load will sparkle--any pooled water will be clear.
I had to replace a water pump on my 10 year old Bosch and the repairman told me about that product and to use it once a month. Really nice results.

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When the water on top of glasses is "slimy", it indicates the detergent was not rinsed off. Detergent gives the slimy feel.

Calcification on glasses will feel like a semi-dry rough feel.

Rinse water on top of glasses will feel same as water from the faucet.

If the water feels slimy, it indicates the dishwasher is not working properly.

Is there a spray arm in top of dishwasher? If so any water left on top of glasses should be clear.

If there is no spray arm in top of dishwasher, the water could be "wash water with detergent". However, the rinse cycle should rinse off the detergent water during the rinse cycle.

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