How to remove burned smell in Microwave?

cube1067February 3, 2009

Burned some microwave-able french fries. I've cleaned the entire microwave, went over it with a baking soda paste and a bleach & water solution. Still has that smoke smell. Years ago I burned some popcorn in the same microwave...the burn smell eventually subsided after SEVERAL months..I was looking for a faster way?

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Try heating vinegar in the microwave....vinegar absorbs odors.

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We have had good luck with USED coffee grounds.

Just dump your used coffee grounds from your morning coffee pot into a bowl or dump them on a plate.

Leave them in a closed microwave for several hours ... overnight is easy to do. Your odor seems particularly persistent; you may need to do this for several days in a row; each day replenishing with another batch of coffee grounds.

Used coffee grounds in a bowl can be used to keep fridge odors at a minimum, too. We dump the old ones every couple of days and put in a new batch. Seems to work for us as well as a box of baking soda.

Good luck.

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I read somewhere in an article years ago when I was a teenager about removing odor from microwaves. It suggested a mix of water/lemon juice in a very small bowl and put it on for a minute or 2 and when the steam goes, it kills the smell with lemon. After a little while, it smells nice and removes the odor, so I do that from time to works for me.

The coffee ground tip sounds interesting - will have to try that out. :)

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