Cleaning engineered stone

drmeow3February 20, 2006

I just got new Zodiaq counter tops and the Zodiaq website indicates I should clean them with, "Formula 409® Glass & Surface Cleaner** or a comparable cleaning product."

What is a comparable product? Will any glass cleaner do (i.e., Windex which is what I've been using)? Can the "orange" or "citrus" cleaners be used? How about Simple green?

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The orange cleaners are oil based....I will never use them on anything. Simple Green is fine as is windex, Fantastic, Fabuloso and other detergent based cleaners.
I bought some of that "orange Glo" stuff to use on my hardwood floors.....and a house cleaner got hold of it and cleaned all my wood furniture with it. It clouded any wax that was on the surfaces and I had to clean everything with mineral spirits. There is nothing I would clean with that stuff that isn't better cleaned with soemthing else....Tossed it out.
But back to the subject! LOL! stay away from oils and "spirit" based cleaners.....those that don't smell like soap but like paint thinner.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda.

I don't actually have any of the orange cleaners and I will definitely keep your advice in mind if I ever decide to buy some (my cleaning person provides all her own cleaning supplies so my purchase of same has been dramatically reduced).


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Was glad to find this thread> I'm having a Zodiaq vanity installed and had the same exact questions. Was hoping to be able to use Sun adn Earth, but that is oil-based.:(
I assume Glass Plus is an acceptable alternative to the 409??

What are others using on your engineered stone?

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From my experience, engineered quartz is tough stuff and can take almost any general cleaner. I've used everything from SoftScrub to Clorox cleaner to dish soap, depending on the need.

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I have silestone countertops in my kitchen for 2 years now. basically they are fine, but my only complant is that they look dull,never really shiny, and water spots really show up! I noticed that my sister's granite looks really nice and shiny when cleaned. Is this just the difference between granite and the silestone,or can i make my countertops shine? have used 409,windex, and currently Mr. Clean spray claeaner. thanks.

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I have Cambria-(quartz) same as Silestone...when my Cambria looks dull and it DOES after a while I use pledge to shine it up. It look's super shiny & new again. I do this about every 3 months. After you spray it on you need to first rub it in and then with a soft towel...(not a Miracle cloth)....buff it to a high shine. Nancy

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I too have the Zodiaq counters. (got the Lunar Pearl and love it) The web site says not to use products with bleach. I wish they listed more cleaners because it is sometimes hard to tell from the ingredients just what a clean contains. Our counters are about 2 years old, and they do shine nicely.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zodiaq Care and Maintenance page

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I was looking at cleaners at Target today and really have a hard time knowing what active ingredients are bleach. So I decided to check the active ingredients in the "409 Glass and Surface Cleaner". Well, the 409 our Target carries isn't the Glass and Surface cleaner, but rather a kitchen cleaner so the active ingredients could be different. Anyone have the 409 glass and Surface Cleaner? I would appreciate it if you could post the active ingredients so I can look for something with the same active ingredients.



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I just got my engineered quartz countertops(Caesarstone Copper Abyss) and there's something that really bugs me. Even though they have a high gloss, they have a look that I can only describe as "filmy". When there's water on them, the color really comes alive. But as soon as it's dry, a certain opaqueness comes over them. First I used Lysol All-Purpose and figured that was the wrong product. Then I used Windex, then just plain water, but no change. Is this the nature of the product or should I be doing something different?

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I've found that simply using hot water and a little dish detergent keeps my silestone the most "smear" free. Haven't found anything that will really polish them. "Weiman" makes a polish for stone countertops which I've yet to try. Guess I should because I find their "Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher" the most satisfactory for that above 20 other products - actually grew to dislike my stainless until I found it. At any rate, both can be found at Wal-Mart. Maybe I'll get some today!!!


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I installed Zodiaq counter top about a month ago. I found the surface was gritty all over even though I cleaned it often. I did an experiment by covering a cleaned area with a towel and checked it after two days and found that area was gritty. Does that mean I should have applied some kind of finishing coat to it? Can anyone give me some advice? kcl

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