cleaning a shower curtain liner daily with what??

cottagecindyFebruary 8, 2012

This old cottage has lots of iron in the water. So the shower curtain liner gets iron (red) on the bottom as well as mold/mildew--the norm. It shows up so fast and can't wash it every other day! They get destroyed so fast in the washer/dryer anyway. but plz anybody know what to spray on the bottom area daily or every other day to make it last a weeeeee bit longer??? oh and my cat--she gets in every time the water runs and washes herself in the faucet --not kidding. such a pain. but I can lock her out in the evening so as long as the stuff dries by morning. I've gone thru 3 shower curtain liners in the past 2 months. help anyone ??? (i use scrub-free squirk on the acrylic tub walls, and comet on the tub floor.)

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I don't know of anything you can spray on the fabric to remove or slow down the red iron deposits left by the water.

For the mildew, you could keep a spray bottle of a weak bleach solution - maybe 9 parts water to 1 part bleach - and spray that on the fabric at the end of the shower. It also helps if you can get the shower curtain to dry faster - I take a plastic laundry basket and set it in the tub or shower and drape the shower curtain around it like this:

For the iron deposits, you could fill a small bucket with warm water and Iron Out, place it on the edge of the tub, and soak the bottom of the shower curtain in it - while it is hanging. It's not something you would want to do every day, but maybe once a week. Not having to remove the shower curtain and then and put it back up saves time. Personally, I would be looking at a water filter system.

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Hi Cindy--Have you tried a plastic or vinyl shower curtain liner? That may help. BTW, how did the bed turn out? Have you broken in the new mattress yet?

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MDH--Hi!! the shower liner is vinyl, the nice hotel style--10 bucks at BB&B, but I guess I'll just buy one every month or so. :(
Graywings-- lord I wish I could change the water filter etc.......wish I could change A LOT, but it's a rental. :(((((

My landlord and I worked together on the bed/bath issue. We checked out both beds, the only one with the prob was the master bed in that empty middle. so he completely filled it with wood and cement blocks, and he put a super duper high power but quiet exhaust fan in the bath (5' away from bed) and its sucks out all in a heartbeat. amazing!! we are also talking going under the house with insulation.
and yes. mattress is slowly breaking in. It was hell at first, I cried. but I hung in there, and now slowly starting to love it--I sleep thru the night and thru my husband's showers at 5am --just 5' away!! He hates it, so sleeps in man cave LOL! my issue now is the mattress pad/cover.--I'll post a Q on a thread in appropriate topics.

SO.....I guess I'll just have to go thru my neighbors mailboxes and grab the BB&B coupons LOL since I'll be there on and off for a long time no?? :]

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Iwash mine in washer hot then spin in dryer a few minutes gets all the wrinkles out,nice,hang immediately and when done taking shower spread out your curtain every time you wont have to wash alot.

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Does your shower curtain liner have a hem in it? If so cut the hem off the bottom so the water can run straignt down and not pool up on the hem.

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