Please recommend a showerhead!

mabeldingeldine_gwMarch 14, 2013

I just installed my new Grohe Bau showerhead. FAIL! It dribbles water from the unused orifices when on the massage or jet function. The previous Moen showerhead lacked adequate water pressure to rinse the shampoo from my hair, and dripped slowly from the shower arm despite high quality teflon tape.

Am I going to have to reinstall the now-yellowed white plastic Water-Pik showerhead I purchased for $1 in the early 90s from a yard sale and which makes these other expensive faucets look like junk?

If you have a showerhead with a vigorous spray that will rinse your shampoo and wake you up the Monday after we spring ahead, yet will also give you a pleasing, gentle drenching rinse, please, I beg of you, recommend it.

DH and I have worked our a**es off on this DIY bathroom and are so close to the finish! I just want it to end, make it stop!

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I have no idea about this topic but what about this brand, Speakman. I will link their site below. There is this other brand that is cheaper that may be similar. I have no idea. This other brand is Giessdorf. They may be totally made in China. Here is a site that sells this brand:

As I was doing a search I found a page from the US Gov that was wanting Zoe Industries to stop selling one model, because it didn't comply with water rules. This is the page I found:

As I was looking at the report it looked as if the flow restricter was too easy to remove. So that gets me to thinking, can you remove the flow restricters on the heads you don't like? Could you give it a try to see if one will work for you?

I have seen the Giessdorf for sale on Amazon so it probably isn't the model that is in question with the US Gov. Although as I read the reviews on Amazon it sounds like those folks were removing the flow restricter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speakman shower head

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We like our Hansgrohe air-inject rain-showerheads. I can look up the specific model/size for you if you want. When they were first installed, we thought they didn't deliver a forceful enough spray--this was after 2-3 months of showering in our guest bathroom (with an extremely, extremely forceful Jaclo "can" style showerhead, small-ish shower stall, and shower control that goes C to H; no separate volume/temp controls).

When we first started using them, we had considered swapping them out, but within a few short weeks (if that long), we ended up loving them. The spray is powerful enough, yet it's very relaxing at the same time (I am usually in a rush, and never have as much time as I'd like to linger under the spray!). Also, I really like the two other spray patterns/settings. One is massage, and the other is a combo spray-massage. I never liked/used the massage or other settings on shower-massage showerheads, but have used them with this one, especially when my neck, shoulders, or back are sore and achy.

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