Hardwood Floors

elle72February 20, 2008

Just wondering if Murphy's Soap is really bad for hardwood floors. We built our house just 4 years ago and we have hardwood in the kitchen and foyer. The builder said that we should only use bruce's floor cleaner. I want to try something different now.

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I have hardwood floors in my house. I tried Murphy's Soap. It smells great BUT it left streaks that looked "dirty", no matter how much I rinsed with water. I now use only Bona Kemi products on my floors. Just my expereience, hope you get other replies.

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Murphy's is not good for wood. It will leave a build up.

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I have used Murphys but it does leave a film. I have also tried Orange Glo and the Scooba and both had poor results. I now use the Hoover Floormate and their product- no streaks or residue...just clean.

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I wouldn't let Murphy's touch anything wood in my house. Leaves too much residue.

If you want to try something different, why not just use water mixed with a bit of white vinegar?

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When we purchased our home I used Bruces, which plan a day to do this, I have hardwood throughout the house except for the bathroom. I did like Bruces but it was alot of work. Then pledge hada hardwood floor cleaner that you wiped on with no rinsing, that was great! Now chemicals irritate me so I bought the steam mop and that's all I use now. Floors look wonderful!

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I work in the construction field and had my hardwood guy sand my floors " He said to use Ammonia and warm water" just about everything else leaves a film, and you dont want to leave anything on the floors......

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I am trying to get opinions on the Hoover Floormate - I also have prefinished hardwood & ceramic in bathrooms and (soon to be finished) foyer & hall. There are several models - which do you recommend - and are you happy with it?
Thanks for any info you share!

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I purchased a used Hoover Floormate. It worked well the first three times I used it, then the cleaner wouldn't spray. I threw it away. Things you buy on Ebay don't come with a guarantee. I heard Hoover no longer makes these. Too bad. I would buy another NEW if I could. Like I said, it worked well AT FIRST.

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jannie- the Hoover Floormates are on the Hoover website.

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Target carries it also, here is the link.. I bought mine at Kohls..this is the same exact one I have...

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover Floor Mate- Target

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i wouldn't use murphy's oil soap on wood floors. i have the engineered, distressed throughout the house and they gave me a spray bottle of miracle spirits that works great. after i dust mop them, i spray the spirits on the other microfiber mop and go over the wood. it makes them very clean looking and no streaks at all. murphy's oil soap is fine for wood; you can't use a lot and when i do use it on my kitchen cabinets, i never have streaks....the trick is using very little in the water.

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The best wood floor cleaner is "Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner" GO to their web site and they will let you know the nearest dealer-www.bonakemi.com. LOL:) I love it!

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magothyrivergirl- I have the hoover floormate widepath model.

I really do like it- I think there are a few things the company could tweak that would make it fabulous. Overall, it is a good machine and does a good job cleaning.

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Anyone try the new Bona mop that sprays out the floor cleaner? I saw it on their web site. I called around to our local stores, but no-one has it yet.


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Hi All,

We have hardwood through all of our house with exception of stairs & bedrooms. We are now in the process of having carpets replaced and I'm so torn on putting hardwood or carpet in the bedroom. (Light color so some concern with dirt although would be new Karastan 'Smartstrand' carpet which I think has good reviews in terms of wear)

What is everyone's preference for flooring in a Master Bdrm? Our concern is that if we do decide to sell within next year or 2, what is preferred flooring for resale? The hardwood is a little more $, but not a huge gap as we've be going with better carpet.

Thanks for sharing your preference:)

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lisa mocha, why don't you post this as an original post and not in a thread that is over three years old?

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I use a small amount of dish detergent (for hand washing dishes) on an old fashioned string mop, rinse the mop in the laundry tub under running water and wring it out in my big bucket with wringer. I have to wash my floors often ,whenever my son visits with his two dogs , find this the best way to keep them shiny clean. I'm over seventy and I find this an easy way to wash my floors.

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For our hardwood floors, which get lots of wear thanks to the kids & 2 dogs, I use a combo of sweeping, swiffer vac, & occasional steam cleaning w/ a inexpensive steam mop I purchased at Aldi (although our floors are sealed, I'm still nervous about steam cleaning for wood). I also sometimes use a Mohawk spray on the swiffer, will probably switch to Bona when that runs out...

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