Dollbaby...Ready to Celebrate '1st Day of Spring' March 20th

jeannespinesMarch 5, 2012

Here's Dollbaby's Spring outfit for March:

She's decked out in her frilly hat & yellow/orange gingham consignment shop dress:

Even her lil' "Bee" socks shout SPRING ...TS find 50 cts & her outfit a consignment shop find:

(the opposite sock says "honey" w/a bee hive)

A close-up of her 'tray-scape' ... ruffled doily, green depression glass plate, milk glass plate & white cup ...& the gift that TJ sent her around Christmas ...a gardening hat ornament w/tools & seed (thank you, TJ!):

The lil' fuzzy duck is an applique I found in my sewing junk.

And here's a full view of Dollbaby ready to celebrate the '1st Day of Spring' Holiday!

TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

(ps..I posted dining room Spring decor on a separate thread)

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How precious Dollbaby looks all dressed for Spring. Such a cute outfit & love her new bee socks. Neat little tray scape. Her dishes, duckie, hat and doilie all match her outfit.Sweet


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And her Spring gardening hat ornament on her plate, too, punk! ...thanks to TJ! ;-)

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Jeanne, that's what I meant by hat in the last sentence. Just forgot to write ornament with it.LOL Doesn't pay to stuff your face and try to post at the same time.haha I do love her matching hat and dress tho. DGD had so many of those cute little matching sets we gave away.sigh


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Jeanne, I love the tray-scape! How cut is that!

Do you have more depression glass or milk glass? My mother had loads of both kinds.

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Love her socks & she sure does look ready for spring with her gardening supplies & sun dress & hat!! Do you have a stroller to take her out in the garden when it gets warm. Remember the metal & wood ones? TFS Jan

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Jeanne, Dollbaby looks so sweet in her Spring outfit.
I love seersucker. Those socks are the 'bees knees'.
Love her little duck too.
I bet she can't wait to get out into the garden to use her little tools and plant the seeds.
Her tray-scape is really cute.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

'Seersucker'...ahhh, that's the name of the material in Dollbaby's outfit...thank you, nana! stroller here...DH might think I've lost it if I bring her outside! LOL! She's sat in a child rocker on the porch tho! ;-)

OA..I just have a few pcs of depression glass...some pink & green & one yellow pc ...& no other milkglass...altho I like it! Love the delicacy of colored depression glass.

punk...(hat) thanks! Two more weeks til 1st day of Spring! Yay! Jeanne S.

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What a great find on her little outfit and such cute socks. Can't believe you had the little ducky in your sewing supplies, it's perfect for her. What a darling little hat ornament from her little friend too. So fun to see all these neat outfits all of you come up with for the dolls--love it! Luvs

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Now if Dollbaby isn't the 'picture of Spring'..then what is?
Jeanne, you always find the perfect
outfits for her. This one is so
sweet, right down to those cute little bee socks!
Love her dainty Tray Scape and the
cute gardening hat with the seeds and tools.

I think she's telling's almost time to do some serious gardening!!


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Dollbaby ALWAYS gives me the biggest smiles!! She is totally adorable, once again, in her sweet outfit and her cute goodies! (I remember when you let her out of the high chair to go sit on the porch. You need to do that again when your warm Spring comes. ;o)

Teegan would be terribly envious if she could see the wardrobe Dollbaby has! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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