removing febreze smell on sofa

flybysopFebruary 12, 2010

hello - a few weeks ago I smelled what I thought was a faint moldy smell coming from the back corner of a microfiber sofa, not far from where I had placed a humidifier the day before. Thinking that the damper air may have triggered the smell, I removed the humidifier, and picked up a can of Febreze Air Effects (meadows and rain fragrance). I sprayed a few puffs directly on the sofa, and also in the general vicinity. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the Febreze smell would be so overpowering - it's very distracting, and headache inducing (!). I wish I hadn't used Febreze (I also wish I hadn't put the humidifier close by, but that's another regret :-$ ). I've taken a roll of dry paper towels to the sofa and surrounding carpet, trying to rub it off the material, but it doesn't seem to help much at all. Any suggestions? thanks...

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I have no experience with microfiber furniture but I imagine you could try baking soda to absorb the odor.

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Personally, I hate the smell of all Febreeze products. My suggestion is a spray of white vinegar & water. You may need to repeat a few times but it should take care of the odor. Baking soda is a great idea but if you use it, you should beware it can take out the color in fabric or carpeting. I learned the hard way!

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i've tried repeated washings and soakings with full strength vinegar. the smell is slightly diminished but still strong. anyone have any other recommendations?

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Sorry, the only thing I can suggest is time, time, time. The smell will eventually go away.

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Where do you live ? It's pretty cold all over the country, but some fresh air & a fan might help. But not if you live anywhere near me. 3 degrees when I went out this morning! Yikes!

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I think the Febreeze smell is disgusting and the whole concept of it being an odor remover is a joke as far as I am concerned. The best product I have found is called "What Odor?" I order it on-line and it is pretty expensive compared to other odor removers ---- but it works! I use it around the cat box, on the carpets where my elderly dog leaked before she died, etc.

It has a slight odor when sprayed, but it goes away when dry - unlike Febreeze.

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I suggest removing cushions and putting a long flat box or two with kitty litter on the surface where the cushions sit. You can put the cushions back and turn them occasionally or leave the cushions off and air them outside. Tarp the whole sofa and check every day or so. This has worked wonderfully for me with smoke saturated items.

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Can you use a carpet cleaning machine with water only to clean the upholstery?

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It's been more than 3 years since she had the problem. Let's hope the scent has gone away by now. :)

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I keep forgetting to check the dates. I think we can still learn from old posts. I was going to mention corn starch in case there are oils in fabreze. I use to use it on grease stains on the walls or on clothes, cooking grease. I just rubbed it in well and let is set for awhile and the stain would be gone.

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Here I have learned many important thing to remove Febreeze smell from furniture. But I give time to remove such odd smell, after 2-3 month it will go away or I put it on fresh air and sunlight will do it fast then other chemical and manual methods.

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