Chef Demo of CC in Boston Area

jscoutMarch 5, 2012

Well, with all the recent discussion about the CC simmering, here's an opportunity for Boston, MA area folks to see the CC first hand. There's a chef's demo of the CC this Sunday at Yale Appliance. Anyone considering a CC should go down and ask the chef about the simmer and see how he handles it. But then again, the best opportunity is to personally cook on it at Eurostoves, but not everyone can get up to Beverly.

Come to think of it, if you currently own a CC and are having trouble with it, other than contacting Capital, you could also attend this demo and ask the chef about it.

Here's the link from Capital's blog:

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I can't attend but I would love a summary or pictures or video by someone who does attend!

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Not sure if I can make it, but someone should definitely ask for a demonstration of the simmer. I was at Yale a few weeks ago and the burner was extremely hot when turned to simmer, nothing like how Trevor has his. I wonder if they will adjust it prior to the demo...

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