My New Medicine Cabinet, Pocket Door Hardware, & Pulls!

enduringMarch 30, 2014

I got my medicine cabinet installed on Thursday as well as my pocket door hardware.

My carpenter/cabinet maker did it again with the medicine cabinet! I will buy some plastic shelves at a nearby plastics company. I will install my LED light at the top inner surface. There will be an infrared on/off switch to operate the LED strip. I will put a sticker on the inside mirror to prevent infinity from taking over the infrared beam.

My mirror. See my thinset stained paints and tile laying on the floor. I didn't get any tiling done this day:

Lovely dovetail joinery:

My pocket door hardware is Linnea. The little pull above the latching hardware is by Sugatsune. I got them both online. They were the hardest door hardware that the carpenter has ever installed! It took the skill of carving out a double mortis in both the door and the jamb. But they look great. I didn't want the door cut up to install the other kind, which takes a chunk of material from the edge of the door. This hardware is setback like a typical door knob.

Inside the bathroom door, with locking switch. The outside can be turned open with a coin or screw driver in emergencies, to unlock the door:

Note the exterior mechanism. The latch is extended in the locking position. But this is not the way you use it. You turn the latch once it is closed, to lock the door:

The locking mechanism and the pull that has no moving parts:

The jamb section that receives the locking latch:

Here are my pulls for my drawers and doors:

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Oooh la la!!! What fabulosity. Lucky you to have such a wonderful carpenter, because that door is just amazing. So you had that mirror just waiting for this moment? It's awesome. Do you find the wall mount has an adverse effect on the light from the sconces?

Is that a nightlight clock beyond the toilet?

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Looks great! What's the wood species?

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wood looks like walnut to me.

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Linelle, thanks very much for the complement on the door hardware installation. It is beautiful! That clock on the wall is reflecting the sconce, LOL. Not a night light. I bought that clock (it's sort of a frosted greenish clear glass) at IKEA for about $12 several weeks ago when we were visiting DS1 in Seattle. The mounted medicine cabinet is the first one I've ever had. I really don't know if the sconces are effected or not. I haven't used it for makeup yet. I don't do a lot of makeup so it will be ok. I have some small overhead lighting in the vent fans (2) that help bring light to the room. My night light is the toe kick LED light, seen in the above picture. It is on a wall switch.

I love the tall mirror, I feel like I am in some fancy hotel. I had it for years in the basement waiting. I thought it was a cabinet mirror, meaning kitchen cabinet in my head. Too modern for my kitchen and too tall, so it just didn't seem to register that it was a medicine cabinet mirror until I went looking for medicine cabinets. It is 40" tall.

DreamingoftheUP and Sloyd, the wood is indeed walnut. All of it. I love walnut, always have! So now I have a whole bathroom full of it.

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This is going to be a gorgeous bathroom with all that gorgeous walnut, and all that sleek and awesome hardware!!!

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I need the source for the pocket door hardware!!! ;-) Looks like the perfect ones for me!

whole thing looks fab!

Always ;-)

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It looks so nice. I just love Walnut. I saw a dresser made of black walnut not too long ago. It was the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen. Beautiful bathroom!

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Nice work as usual!

It's all about the details. There are so many awful pocket-door pulls and latches out there that won't stay closed or locked, or are difficult to grasp, or look and feel tinny. I'm always on the lookout for good hardware, and have never heard of Sugatsune but will investigate their offerings. As for difficulty of installation - you only have to install it once, but you get to use it thousands of times.

I haven't found any hardware I like for my 5 new sliding closet doors (the ones you used are more than I'd use for a closet door as opposed to a room entry door - don't want to my the contractor for 5 difficult installations).

Great work on the med cabinet too. Also like that floorstanding towel tree - I still haven't figured out where to put the towels in our new bathroom, there are no good places left.

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Lookin' good!

How do you open the MC door? Pull the glass from underneath? How is the mirror affixed to the wood? I assume that you had another 'door' made of the walnut, and attached the mirror?

The MC is what is holding us up. I have to design one that is semi-recessed. (So shelves will end up being 7-8" deep). DH wants to make it himself, I'm reluctant to wait years for it to come to fruition... We will have the carpenter who made the vanity make an 8" deep cabinet for over the toilet (toilet fits in an 8" deep alcove left from where old shower used to be) using the rest of the teak left over. I want the bottom of both cabinets to be in line with each other, so can't commission the cupboard until I know exactly where MC will fall. Don't know exactly where MC will fall until DH cuts open hole in drywall to find framing (would have been too simple for him to have drawn up a layout with measurements...LOL) Don't want hole cut in drywall until he's ready to build... See my dilemma?

We got our Pocket door up this weekend too. I had my knee surgery last week, so had painted all the trim before hand, DH got half of it up yesterday, I still have to clean mirror of paint leaks, didn't mask the first side very well (mirrored on both sides). Are you in love with your BR as much as I am with mine? I am so glad now that we waited almost 20 years to reno this BR. If I'd done it when we first moved here, it wouldn't be anything like this!

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wow, this is gorgeous! Can you tell me where you got your cabinet hardware/pulls?

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Cat_mom and Lottery thanks so much for the complements. I really appreciate all your insights and great contributions to this forum. Lottery I LOVE WALNUT!

Hunzi, I got the hardware off of this site: Directdoorhardware dot com. They weren't cheap. Aren't your still putting kids through college? We're done and they are both out and working. Yippy!

This is the description: "PL63SQSSS Linnea Standard Bore Pocket Door Lock - Square Style
Finish: 304 Satin Stainless Steel". The carpenter thought that they operated very nicely. He did think they were a bit of work to install. He is a very good meticulous carpenter too. He said he would not recommend them. But he didn't take as long with the second door. And I know he likes exacting work. I think he just expected to pop those puppies in. He is the carpenter that made my soapstone vanity stand and my cabinets for my first bathroom install. This is my second bathroom.

Lee, thank you so much. I really take that as a complement! So you need pocket door hardware. The actual mechanism is by Linnea but it didn't come with an edge pull. I found the Sugatsune edge pulls that blended nicely so I picked them up. Can you use "flush pulls"? Here is a link I found with flush pulls:
The towel tree can be pulled over so I want to warn of that. This summer I had it in my other bathroom waiting for this room to get done. My 3 year old grandson pulled it over. Fortunately he didn't get hit! So I would only recommend the setup to responsible adults ;) I love it though. Regarding the medicine cabinet, tonight I might install the LED track. I had to order special adaptor that I missed on my original order. My electrician is ok with me doing this portion. He installed the hard wire 12volt. I will attach the LED strip and the infrared on/off switch. I did a plug-in setup in my laundry cabinet with the infrared and it has worked beautifully so far.

Raehelen, many questions...with answers for you:) The medicine cabinet door is an actual medicine cabinet door that I acquired 20 years ago. I didn't even know about any of this stuff. It sat in my basement for all this time. I almost gave it away to Habitat for Humanity. When I was looking for medicine cabinets this past summer 2013 (you aren't the only one with a year long bathroom project, I'm sorry to report :( Anyway when looking, I saw a Robern medicine cabinet at Fergeson's and thought about my Robern cabinet door, "could I have an actual medicine cabinet door?" I did. It is huge! The door is double sided mirror, but the inner mirror is not as wide as the outer mirror. The inner area is a sturdy plastic with spots for hinges. That is what told me it was the same as the med cab on display. I thought that my cab maker could get those hinges and install the door onto a box. The edge is a black plastic that as a channel or grove all along the edges. It is about 1/5" thick.

Here is a close up of one corner:

I will take more pictures for you in a bit and post them so you and your husband can see the mirror better.

Pipdog, thanks so much and coming from the one who has that most wonderfully light and refreshing master bathroom remodel from 2 years ago! Did you move from that location? It seems you may have said that. The pulls were a real struggle for me. I wanted minimalist and safety. I saw similar pulls but there was always a sharp edge to the sticky out part. I kept visualizing my naked thigh getting gored by a sharp pull! Mine have a gentle radius that is not edgy. These pulls, I found at Goingknobs dot com. This is the order description for my 10 pulls I ordered:
10 x (Richelieu) - BP57680140 - Richelieu Hardware Bp57680140 Contemporary Stainless Steel Edge Pull 80MM Chrome Finish @ $6.14
I like that they wrap around the drawer front and get attached to the back side of the drawer front. To me it is more stable with the particle board construction of the walnut veneer cabinets.

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It looks great Enduring! I have the same ones (Linnea) going in tomorrow. I will warn the carpenter!

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divotdiva ,My carpenter said that there is a "double mortis" meaning he had to do the deep mortis for the recessed parts, then a shallow mortis for the rectangular faces at the door edges. The face of the doors with the square escutcheons, are just setting on the surface of the door, and don't need special treatment.

Before carpenter did the mortis, he temporaily mounted the end fixtures backwards so he could scribe the outline of the rectangle that he would eventually mortis out to recess the hardware into place. Carpenter took a hand router and rough cut the deep mortis. Once that was done he took the router and did a shallow cut for the rectangle plates to rest into. He finished the outline with a chisel. He needed to rout out the shallow area to relieve material so that when he chiseled he didn't accidentally chip off the edge of my door.

Another point that is very important! The spindle that connect the 2 sides of the door pull together through the bore hole, are specific to the width of the door. On my sets the shorter version for interior doors was not included but should have been. We called tech support at 800-219-2366 for help in the installation. Carl was very helpful. He stated that the the spindle for both widths (interior and exterior door widths) should have been included in the set. We have the shorter set being shipped, but my carpenter had good luck with grinding the spindle to length. It worked, but I will still be awaiting the shipment in case it needs to be switched out. My carpenter liked the feel of the set. He thought is showed quality in the mechanics.

But there may be more than one way to skin a cat.

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thanks so much for the detailed explanation, Enduring. I'm sure he is tired of my hardware already as the bedroom door was also a challenge! I really appreciate your help. I have printed it out and will provide to him in the morning when he arrives, I better plan on picking up lunch LOL

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Divotdiva, please share how yours went. Take pictures, if carpenter doesn't mind, of the steps. I wished I'd done that. Remember my reporting of the above is what I observed and I am not a carpenter, nor was I hovering the entire time he was installing. Which took a very long time, like over 2 hours for the first one. The second one went way faster, because he had it figured out.

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enduring-That walnut is just exquisite. I also LOVE WALNUT (DH, sadly, not so much). Your bathroom is coming together beautifully.

I have a few questions and I apologize if you answered them in another thread. Are the cabinets frameless? Are the drawers solid slabs? And, what hardware did you use for the pocket door mechanism itself - not the lock or the pull.

TIA for any info you can share.

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Leela4, Thanks very much, I am a wood freak. I'm freaky about trees too, especially deciduous trees. The vanity is frameless and veneered particle board. I was some what hesitant to go this route, but decided that I would try it. I am told that it will hold up just as well. I have good ventilation and the shop that made it is a reputable shop. I would have had my carpenter make it in a heart beat but he referred me to this shop. His parents actually own a kitchen and bath design business in central Iowa an they use this local shop for their frameless cabinets. The drawer fronts are veneered like the rest. If I went with solid slabs, I don't think I could have got that cool matched graining across the drawer fronts.

I used Hafela hardware for the door tracks, HAWA Junior 80/Z, it will hold a 176lb door. There is a 40/Z that will hold an 88lb door. I don't know what my door weight is but I bought the 80/Z, it might me over spec'd. The doors are solid wood core (pine I believe) doors with the rest walnut outer layer and MDF with veneer panels.

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enduring-thanks so much!

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OK, now I see the mirror on the inside. I just looked quickly the first time, and seeing the reflection of the walnut box, thought that there was walnut on the door!

Your BR looks so gorgeous, just like a high-end boutique hotel!

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I am in LOVE with your pocket door hardware. And medicine cabinet. And walnut. And....well it goes on and on.

I can't wait for the final reveal!

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