bag vs bagless vacuum ?

bikegirlFebruary 11, 2010

I used this forum several years ago and got great advice in buying a vacuum. I love my vacuum, But it has broken and before I look into getting it repaired, i was curious what you all think.

Back then people said the best suction was from bagged vacuums. Whats the word today ?

I think emptying a bagless vacuum is gross and it makes me sneeze. I prefer uprights over canisters - though I know canisters are said to be more powerful than uprights.(keep in mind i have a dog & kids) What do you suggest ?

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I wouldn't thank you for a canister vacuum. I had one for many years until I got an upright and there are lots of drawbacks. You are constantly tugging on the hose and that is hard on the hose, Tug too hard or the wrong way, and it flips over. Most have those little wheels that gets stuck and won't move so you have to go and pick it up. Don't remind of all the carrying and lifting of the little suckers. No an upright for me.

As for bagless--again no thanks. I would think you'd spread around more dust empying it than you picked up in the first place. I have a dust allergy and the faster I can get rid of the dirty dusty bag the better.

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Don't buy a Hoover Bagless-terrible suction, it just doesn't clean. I threw mine out. My favorite vacuum was an old Electrolux canister I hasd been given by my ex-MIL when she repkaced hers with a newer Electrolux. The company isn't around anymore-having been replaced by a company named Aerus. Not sure at all what vacuum is best right now. My Mom is still using her ancient (1940's) Hoover upright. I can remember her using it when I was a child. Very noisy but it got the job done.

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Bagged vs bagless is a personal preference. If you prefer a vacuum with bags, you have lots of choices.

Choosing between a canister and an upright is a combination of personal preference and the type(s) of flooring you have. If you are mostly cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting, go with an upright. If you are mostly cleaning hard floors, then I would lean towards a canister.

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If you get a bad reaction when using a bagless vacuum cleaner, then you would be better off using a bagged cleaner.

Uprights and canister vacuums have improved their performance, so that with either one you use, you will get a good cleaner. Uprights and canisters, with power nozzles, will clean carpeting well. If you are a person, who does alot of cleaning like carpeting, floors furniture, lampshades, etc., a canister with power nozzle would do well. Canisters are more versatile for these task.

Uprights now have onboard hose and attachments, so you can clean furniture, lampshades, etc. But uprights with onboard attachments work better for those who do not want to spend alot of time cleaning with the hose.

Some use an upright in the "upright" mode, to vacuum floors. You will find that the upright does not move around the floor as quickly and easily as a canister with a floor brush at the end of the wand.

There are plenty of bagged uprights available for you, but you have not mentioned what your vacuum habits are. Are you a rugs only person, rugs and floors, rugs, floors, furniture or some other combination?

What is wrong with your present vacuum cleaner? What brand and model do you have. Maybe I can help. Sometimes it is better to keep what you have, if it works well.

If you choose to make a new vacuum purchase, you can find an upright that will work for you.

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While most people think bagless vacuums are worry free and cheaper, the converse is mostly true. Bagless vacuums require much more maintenance, must be cleaned & serviced more often (usually at a higher cost than a bagged vacuum) and filters must be washed or replaced more often. The youtube video I made may help you decide between a Bagged or bagless vacuum.

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I have had no problems at all with my upright bagless Dyson. I take the dust cylinder outdoors to empty and let the dust fly to the winds, and then I remove the foam filter, wash it, and replace. No worries.

I've had it about 10 years. Love it.

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I had a Dyson for 5 years and it has been the best vacuum I've owned since I first purchased a vacuum in 1982. My next vaccum will be a Dyson and I will buy one for my daughter when she gets her apartment. IMO a Dyson is light years ahead of the other vacuums I've tried - cleaning/suction, noise, easy to take apart. Just better in every way.

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Though you have had good luck with your vacuum and I can see why you would buy one again, the reasons you gave (cleaning/suction, noise, easy to take apart) are easily matched by many other vacuums. In addition I really disagree that a Dyson is light years ahead of other vacuums. I can readily accept "unique or different" but as far as dust collection/management/storage they have set the industry BACK light years, partially demonstrated by the video. A vacuum like the Tandem Air Simplicity would be considered light years ahead in innovation. And the Dust collection/management/clean air advances by Miele are light years ahead of ANY bagless vacuum.

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I was trying to be helpful. I said the Dyson was light years ahead of the other vacuums I've tried (i.e I've owned - Hoover, Eureka, Panasonic).

I thought my almost 30 years of vacuuming might be worth posting an opinion.

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Sorry you felt slighted (I use caps to highlight, sorry if you felt they were yelling LOL) I'm just trying to inform. I'm quite sure most people have no concept of the disadvantages of a bagless system. Afterall manufacturers are not going to advertise the negatives. I think it's best people have all the facts before purchasing.

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