Cleaning Maple Cabinets

rockpineFebruary 22, 2014

My light maple kitchen cabinets need a good cleaning. They are 10 years old and live in my house with teenage boys so my poor maple cabinets have taken a lot of abuse. They don't have that stickiness that can accumulate around the knobs but I do see dried on drip marks on my lower cabinets. Maybe some are food-like (milk?) drips or just water marked dried drips. I can only see the marks on sunny days. I can scrape these off with my fingernail but I just want to do an overall deep cleaning and polishing. I am afraid to use Magic eraser and other abrasives. I just want a solution that will take these markings off so I can polish them up again. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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Bona makes a wood cabinet cleaner I have used successfully with a microfiber cloth.

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Thanks! I do use Bona on my wood floors.

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