Pizza Reheating - 240V Advantium

IceMan965March 20, 2012

What is the best setting to use for reheating pizza? Has anyone developed a custom, Speed Oven program to reheat pizza? I am not happy with the results when using only the microwave portion of the unit.

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A lot of it depends on what kind of pizza you're reheating and what you want it to be like when it's done. We generally do flatbread or kind of chewy, and either do a full on oven job on it, or zap it for a quick bite, but the zapping takes knowing the exact size of the piece of pizza, the density of the crust, the dish it's in (does best on a porcelain lunch plate), etc.

I did some experiments on cheese toast. If you like your pizza crunchy (the ultimate anti-zap) this might be a good starting point for you. I used the rack from my toaster oven because I was specifically trying to get it to be toaster oven-like. The grill tray might work just fine. If the bottom is too soft or soggy, try a fine gauge wire rack.

Using the Texas Toast, 1-2 slice fresh setting (just turning it back on instead of turning over, of course), I
got crunchy crust and melty cheese.

I'd guess the dimensions were about that of a slice of medium, thicker bread, thinner cheese, no other toppings. Adjust for size. Also, you could crib the settings from the menu not to have it stop in the middle for the turn over. :)

If you don't want crunchy, I don't have any help for you other than to suggest you play around a bit.

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Sophie Wheeler

Just use a griddle on the stove. That's the best method of reheating pizza.

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Interesting, I've had my Advantium for five months now and it never occurred to me to even consider pizza under the MW options. I have used the speedcook pizza settings for frozen pizza. For reheating pizza have been using the Toast setting.

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Don't use the microwave to reheat. Use the convection oven. I set mine to 375* for 12-14 minutes.

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LOL! As I said, it depends on the pizza. Mine came out so well the first time I zapped it (before I had even moved into my kitchen, let alone actually learned how to use the Advantium), that I never bothered looking for another method. But it's not crunchy.

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