Accent strip - 1 or 2?

Kathy RiveraMarch 16, 2012

Hello! Our tile guy is coming in the morning and I realized I haven't decided everything! I know, I know - I should have asked before 8pm the night before!

We have a small 8x5 bathroom with a shower that is about 4x3.5. It will have 10 x 13 beigey tiles set in a brick pattern (long side horizontal). I also have a 1x1 brown glass mosaic for an accent strip and to put in the niche (pic below). I'm trying to decide on 1 or 2 accent strips. Any thoughts/opinions?

I will say, the granite on the vanity is verde borgona - SUPER busy. But it's only 36x22. Also, I LOVE my brown mosaic so I'm leaning to two strips. But, do you think it will be too busy with the vanity and the brick pattern of the wall tile?

The tile is actually a little darker than the pic - but it has movement, too. The accents look copper in real life.

Go ahead - tell me the truth. I'd rather it look good. Plus, I guess I won't really see the strip down at shin level! LOL

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Kathy Rivera

BTW, when I ask 1 or 2, I mean one at eye level and another lower. Not number of 1x1 rows. I was think 3 rows of the tile.

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Personally, I think less is more in a small bathroom. I vote for one strip. Of course my new shower (4'x8') is all white subway, white trim and white hex for floor tiles. My contrasts are stainless fixtures and grab bars. LOL! (I'm always afraid I'll get tired of busy decor, so I tend to go with basics and add color other places.)

My niece calls it my 'shower house'.

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What is the ceiling height in the shower? Are you planning to tile all the way up? Tiling the ceiling of the shower?

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Sorry...I'll try posting the picture again:

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile in Shower/tub

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I love your glass mosaic too! Would you share the name of it? I think though that from what you're describing I'd go with one accent row plus the interior of the niche. Sometimes, adding more lessens the impact of a beautiful accent, IMO. And from a practical standpoint, a higher accent row will keep your mosaic and its many grout lines out of the main splash zone and require less effort to keep it clean.

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Kathy-are you going to have a niche? I really like what terrijm posted in her pic--1 row of accent around the shower surround & then fill the niche with the accent tile.

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Kathy Rivera

golddust - Your shower is almost the size of my room! :) Enjoy that beautiful space!!

RMS - 8ft. Tiling to ceiling but not ON ceiling

terrijim - Thanks for your picture - it looks great. Maybe that's the key - a bit bigger accent strip.

mydreamhome - Yes, 1 niche. I think you are right following terrijim's picture for inspiration.

treasure - I got it at Home Depot! Just an iridescent glass mosaic. It is 4.99/sq foot. Meanwhile, the fancy tile place I went to had the same thing for $15/sq foot!!

Thanks for all the thoughts, everyone! Looks like it will be one accent - above the spray line as treasure mentioned.

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The glass mosaic tile in my picture is called Arctic Cloud....shades of gray and taupe.

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We just stopped tiling for the night. We are doing white subway, running bond with one three tile high accent strip at about eye level, and two niches with the small tile in them. The original plan was subway 3/4 of the way up a rope tile framing a strip of the subway tile in a herringbone pattern. I too was thinking we should keep it as plain as possible, use replaceables, towels etc for the color. DH is doing the work and he is really drawn to the small glass tiles. Once we finally decided on a sink we noticed a tile that coordinated too well to walk away from. We are tiling tub to ceiling with a wainscoting in the rest of the room.

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