Wine Fridge - Experiences with Summit Appliance?

crazedandconfusedMarch 7, 2014

Hi all,

We're on the hunt for a reasonably priced built-in wine fridge (less than $1000, preferably) that needs to fit a 24"w x 34 1/2" h. I've been looking at N'finity, Edge Star, and Whynter, but recently stumbled across one from Summit Appliances. It looks great, but I know nothing about them (and it's hard to find any wine fridge reviews). This fridge will be sharing a room with kitchen/family room area, so "quiet" is top of the list of must-haves.

Anyone have any experiences with Summit? Or, could you recommend a 24" wine fridge that you love?

FYI, here's the Summit I'm talking about:

Many thanks in advance!

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I have a Uline WC1175. It has a recessed handle, which is why I got it. The only other model with a recessed handle was the Miele for more than double the price. (I have numerous other Miele appliances but a wine fridge didn't seem like the place to spend a lot of money.)

I like the fridge. It is reliable and pretty quiet. It holds maybe 35 to 40 bottles. Don't rely on the specs regarding storage. They don't tell the truth.

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Thanks nycbluedevil, I haven't looked at Uline either. Maybe I should expand my horizons and look for something a little more expensive. It may prove its worth by being quieter (hopefully).

The only online feedback I've found on the Summit Appliance one I originally inquired about is that its loud. Very loud. I would sacrifice bottle capacity for noise level.

Anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll check out Uline.

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I have not heard many good things about Summit. We are going with the U-line as well. I have heard consistently good recommendations.

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The more I find out about Summit, then less likely I am to go with them. Most reports have been that they tend to be loud. We're looking into Uline now as well, and have looked at t couple of Marvel products. Not cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for..

Thanks for the feedback.

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From what I can tell, wine cooler pricing seems to be mostly in three tiers--cheap (don't know all the names but Summit is in there), medium (includes Uline and Marvel) and expensive (Miele, Sub Zero). Perlick is a well-respected brand that I believe is a bit less than Miele and Sub Zero. There is a place called Perlick Factory Seconds that has been mentioned on this board where you can get some nicely discounted scratch and dent pieces from the factory. I looked at it myself but I needed a specific handle. You might want to check it out. I do agree that you get what you pay for.

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Great, I'll check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

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Hat-tip nycbluedevil - I just got an 24" wine fridge through the Perlick factory seconds program for considerably less than a typical Perlick, and we absolutely love it (so far). Quite as can be, and, honestly, I'm not sure why it was a second. No damage. Possibly a return and they repackaged it? Regardless, it's a great fridge. Thank you for the heads up. Not sure what I would have ended up with otherwise.

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I hope you didn't get the Summit. We had one; it looked great and operated fine for 3 years. Then the compressor went out. They would replace the compressor under the 5 year warranty, but the service work would cost about $400-$500. We didn't pay much more for it originally and will not get it repaired.

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Thanks for the note marconnietx. No, we ended up going with a Perlick. More expensive, and certainly more than I originally intended to pay, but we love it so far (though its only been a couple of months). I was able to find one of their factory seconds (directly from Perlick) which they guarantee.

Thanks again and I hope you found a great wine fridge that works for you!

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Thanks for the head-up on the Perlick Factory seconds, just received a Sig series outdoor fridge, has a dent on the side that will be hidden when installed. Very well made, love that the racks slide out. Price went from $3500 to $2000 with a shorter warranty.

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