2nd St, Patrick's Table

nana2010_gwMarch 17, 2012

Since it is so slow here I thought would share my 2nd St. Patrick's Day table with you.

I'm going to have dinner at this table this evening.

corn beef, carrots & probably colcannon or maybe steamed cabbage and buttered potatoes. Soda bread is in the oven now and of course I have to our traditional green jello.

the green place mats, dishes and teapot are from CTS. The creamer and sugar bowl were a gift.

I got the chargers on sale at WalMart after Christmas.

the little shamrocks are from the grocery store.


Nana From 2012-03-17 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-03-17 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-03-17 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-03-17 (by Eye-Fi)

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Nana, love your table and all your food sounds wonderful. I'm lovin' your shamrock dishes. The lace tablecloth with the green under it looks so elegant. Pretty fancy green w/gold glasses.

The creamer and sugar bowl were a nice gift! All the different greens look so nice together. Cute plants and flags you picked up for your table.

I spent the afternoon doing the girls hair for prom. They were so pretty and very grateful. It snowed all day so I didn't go to the parade. I cooked a pork roast and baked potatoes and made a green angel food cake. Nothing fancy for us today.LOL Neighbors came over tonight and visited for a few hours and that ended our day.

So glad you shared this table.


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nana...I'm still having trouble opening & looking ...but I got this one open ...your table is lovely! Looks like a wonderful St. Patrick's Day t'scape to enjoy! Love the shamrock plant, too! The added green placemat is perfect w/those placesettings! Menu sounds like the holiday special! Enjoy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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This is perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
The lace tablecloth over the green is the perfect touch.
Again, I have serious CTS envy, but I guess being green with envy would be appropriate for St. Patrick's Day!!

Your dinner sounds yummy and I could almost smell the soda bread baking.


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Thank you Punk, Jeanne and Candy for your nice comments.
My tables are usually just for show but my son and I did have dinner at this one.

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That makes it even MORE special, nana! Glad your son could enjoy this table w/you! The 'flag' is a nice touch, too! Jeanne S.

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Nana, you had the perfect dishes and your pretty teapot for this one. It all looks so nice. I've not seen the green chargers at our Walmart, only red and gold ones, but those sure look perfect for this tablescape. Glad you got to enjoy your yummy meal with your son at such a pretty table. Luvs

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Nana..forgive my VERY slow responce to this...
I'm trying to get caught up as best I can.
I love everything about this table. I'm very
familiar with your CTS plates and teapot....in fact
always say I'm going to buy them each year...but never do.
What a nice gift getting the sugar & creamer.
I love how you paired them with the green placemats and the
lovely lace tablecloth.. Your table reminds me of an 'Irish Tea Room' setting -
very pretty and tranquil looking.

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