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2LittleFishiesMarch 29, 2012

Just read where allyson and boogie2 had problems with the double ovens and now I'm scared to make this purchase! Can anyone offer their thoughts on this? My next choice was Thermador but I don't see wonderful things on those either?

I'd appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) on whether I should go through with this purchase! (I was SO excited about these ovens!)

I'm also doing a Thermador Induction cooktop and if I got the ovens I could get the free dishwasher (or pay to upgrade), but I was willing to forego this and get the Electrolux ovens....

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Keep in mind that on this and all sites on the web you should take the information with a grain of salt. Can you not trust your own instincts, and research? Remember you are being deluged with information, some which may be accurate for your situation and some which may not.

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Google Thermador oven reviews, then Goggle Electrolux Oven Reviews.
You can also go to AJMadison for reviews by actual buyers.

Of the research I did, one consumer organization reported a 30% failure of the Thermador ovens by their readers, (NOT CR).

As reported Electrolux did have some oven problems in 2010, mainly the double ovens, and it was probably the thermal switch that one of the posters wrote about, and You can see from that post that they have done a redesign at least on the mounting of it, and there was no where near a 30% failure like it's competition.

I would like to see you buy the Thermador as we need some really good and current info as to the reliability---I like competition and the more "Players in the game" the better it is for you folks.

If you are "Truly Interested" in reliability, then buy 2 single ovens. They are much more reliable and best I can recall, none of the Elux Single ovens had the reset switch problem.

Add to that, the fact that with double ovens, (In Many cases), when one oven is down, so is the other, alto this was not true with the Elux.

If I wanted 2 ovens, I would still buy 2 singles and install them as a double or anywhere I want, but we get along fine with a regular oven and a speed oven.

Click the link below to see some of the Thermador Oven Reviews.


Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador Oven Reviews

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deeebert- That's true. The forums are wonderful but "grain of salt" is often something I need to remind myself of.

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Those double elux ovens are sure sexy! I really wanted the one but ended up with a Wolf single and advantium over top due to space and function needs.
Should be installed in a couple weeks!

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Thanks, Gary- I had hoped you would comment as you always have useful info to add. Can single ovens be installed up and down- meaning same configuration as double ovens? If so, why isn't that common practice? What's the draw for doubles?

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I agree with Gary about the two ovens and in fact I think any time you can buy "components" like range top and oven vs a range you are better off.

As far as which oven to buy, all appliances can have issues but it is how they handle it. I have an Electrolux oven that had some issues with the enamel a few years ago and they replaced the whole oven immediately and it was their idea. My service guy said that they were the only ones that would do that-the others would have replaced the liners only. I had issues with another line of appliances and the customer service was abysmal. I think allyson had her issues resolved not sure about the other one.

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What I would do, 2lf's is download the installation guide for the single Elux ovens. That should give you an idea of how much vertical space each oven will require.

I wish I could recommend that you call Elux and ask them, and don't get me wrong, they have been very helpful in the times I have called them for readers here (when I could not get the info elswhere)---buttt----I think the "temptation" will be too great to sell you a double oven, along with not wanting to "Foster the idea" that "Single Ovens are more reliable".

I have studied, (Not scientifically), just read many posts about oven failures of ALL manufacturers, Yes Wolf and Miele too, and everytime I find fewer failures, more 5 star ratings etc etc for the single ovens.

I hope I'm wrong about Elux's response to your question, "Can they be stacked Vertically" and that they truly answer your question.

Another reason I favor Single ovens, is if the thermal reset button ever needs to be reset, it's a lot easier to pull out a single oven than a double, alto I wish ALL Oven makers would follow Dacor's example of making the button accessible from the inside, ---unfortunately, I can't really recommend the Dacor ovens, as many times, the Board blew instead of that thermal switch---hopefully they have fixed that???

Anyway, even if you do have to go with double ovens, your odds are pretty good you will have no problems, We have a number of folks here with the Elux Double ovens, and they all seem happy, (last time I heard), So I mention the singles as I do not do well in Vegas, I just don't have a
"Poker Face" so for me, at least, "Gimmie the best Odds"!!


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