60 x 30 acrylic tubs?

measure_twiceMarch 2, 2013

Suggestions for a 60 x 30 deep acrylic tub that is skirted? Twelve or more inches soaking depth would be great. If not acrylic, then cast iron? We will tile the alcove instead of using a surround.

The current 40 year old builder's special alcove tub has a soaking depth of 9 inches. We have been to the big box stores. The people we have spoken to are not knowledgeable or (very unfortunately) deceptive. For example, ABS plastic is /not/ the same as acrylic, and the skirt height is /not/ the same as water depth. We have searched the web extensively but that is not the same as seeing in person or people's opinions.

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There's a lot of posts on this forum about those. I used the Mirabelle Edenton, which I have had no problems with (others have complained about some cosmetic issues, but it's not safe to assume those complaints are entirely true because of how the tub was set by the installer). I also considered the Hydrosystems Lacey and the MTI ______ (don't remember). Each of those comes in 60x30 and are deep (19-21" or so). I purchased an air bath, but if you don't do that, your costs will be much more reasonable.

If you're using it in an alcove all of these will work because they come with tile flanges (and can be customized so that you can have a skirt on one or all sides, and flanges on one or all sides), etc.

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I looked at the Edenton also and thought it had the most interior space for a 60x32 size tub.

I'm considering it also but concerned about problems posted on line - although Kevin has been happy with his

I think it offers a more European minimalist look - less plastic-ee looking than many of the others I've seen.

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I just purchased a Mirabelle Edenton. I too had read the several discussions regarding the draining issues and did some research. I called Ferguson's corporate offices and spoke with a very helpful representative. She actually put me on hold and called the Edenton manufacturer (clark industries) and was able to give me the following information. Yes, the tub's mold was recently reconfigured to allow for better water drainage. Yes, all Edenton tubs now in the distribution center are indeed from the new mold. And yes, there are unfortunately quality control issues with the tub. Apparently because of the nature of acrylic molding techniques, straight, linear planes are very hard to keep perfectly flat and smooth.
I took a chance and ordered the tub and received a poor quality one. The interior sides (the vertical planes) were wavy and lumpy. I could easily feel them with my hand and a few 'lumps and valleys" were very visible when the light shone upon them. THE GOOD NEWS is that Ferguson's were absolutely great about swaping it for a new tub with absolutely no trouble. In fact, I discovered the problem on a Thursday afternoon and they were at my door Friday morning at 8:00am to deliver a new one. The new one is slightly wavy. I can feel it with my hands if I run them along the inside, however even with bright light I can't see any irregularities.
So what would I recommend? It's hard to advise you. I love the design of the tub and wanted to maximize the "foot space" as this will be used in a tub/shower combo. In all my research, this was the only one that fit the bill for me. If you cannot live with a less than 'perfect' tub, then keep looking, this one is probably not for you.

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DD2 has the American Standard Evolution 5' x 32" whirlpool tub that has a 18.5" overflow. It comes in several sizes, w/ and w/o whirlpool function.

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As you may have noticed from the responses, deeper tubs are usually going to be 32 instead of 30. Is that a problem for you? If not, others to consider would be the Kohler bancroft, archer, or expanse (acrylic), or the bellwether or tea for two (cast iron).

In my part of the world we don't have Fergusons and the Mirabelle tubs would be a buy-online-without-seeing-in-person deal, but both Lowes and HD carry the complete Kohler line at pretty good prices, although seeing any particular model will depend on the in-stock selection at your local store.

Another option, depending on how you feel about americast, would be the American Standard cambridge.

There are threads here on all these tubs if you search for any of them using the search box at the bottom of the page.

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I have the 30" not the 32". Mine is not wavy at all.

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I just purchased a Kohler archer that is 19" deep. It is 32" wide but comes in 30. Lowes has it for 597 but HD has it for 390 now as a temp price reduction. Lowes does price match plus the 10% of the difference.
Good luck!

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I don't believe the Archer comes in a 30" width. Just 32" and 36". And the Archer is narrow inside even in the 32" because of the built-in armrests. I also thought that the acrylic on it felt kind of cheap (which is odd for Kohler), but I found that the acrylic on the Mirabelle looked and felt better, but not nearly as nice as the Hydrosystems, etc. (which are 60% more at least). The Archer does have good interior length dimensions and the high capacity overflow drain, which allows you to put in more water but have a lesser step in height. You have to like the way the skirt looks, however, which is less of an issue if it's not an air bath or whirlpool with the removable skirt's visible seam. You really cannot be the Archer for the price either (if 32" works for you).

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I think the 30" is the drop in version, so you still have to allow for the surround.

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Thank you, that is a large amount of good information. The alcove is exactly 32 inches deep from the studs to the paint on the wallboard; a 32 inch deep skirted unit will not fit without a 2" bump out and I don't feel like adding one. A 30" drop-in would fit and framing and tiling the front would be fun but I think a simple skirted unit would be more in tune with the house.

The Mirabelle looks good and is 30". The 16 inch water depth would feel luxurious compared our current 9 1/2 inch overflow depth. DW surprised me when she agreed to the price of that unit - we are, um, conservative to say the least. It is the only 30" deep unit I have seen with more than 12" water depth.

I just saw online that Lowes lists a "Style Selections" 60 x 30, 16" high with a 15" soaking depth. That does not make sense. I will measure actual depth at a nearby Lowes. It must be by Sterling/Kohler because the box packaging looked identical when I walked by it (and did not measure.)

Showing off - here is the mosaic we created in the bathroom. The edge of the current tub is visible at the top of the image. The tiles are about 12x12".

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Very nice mosaic. I can see why you wouldn't want to risk messing that up.

Incidentally, American Standard makes a (very ugly) overflow with the hole at the top which lets you get another couple of inches out of any tub, if you can deal with the AS logo on the face plate.

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" if you can deal with the AS logo on the face plate."
Meh, I could make another faceplate. I do strange stuff like that.

Today I measured the "Style Selections" tub at Lowes. It is 12 1/2" soaking depth, not 15" as stated online. (Which makes sense with a 16" overall heiaght). It is obviously a store brand made by Sterling/Kohler for Lowes to meet a lower price point. The Sterling brand acrylic tubs are molded in a single polymer. The Style Selections are fiberglass and coated with acrylic.

Sometimes a coat over fiberglass is a POS, but I peeked underneath and found the Selections to be rock-freaking-solid. The front skirt and tub are very thick, rigid, and reinforced. The fiberglass may not look pretty under there but it really does the job. The tub has four points of contact with the floor, four short legs of plastic pipe molded into the fiberglass. I would rather bed the thing in mortar if the mfg installation instructions permit. The acrylic coating is quite thick over the fiberglass, it looks to be 1/8 inch instead of a millimeter. IMO, something that can gouge 1/8 inch into plastic would probably damage porcelain over cast iron. All in all, I think it is pretty good quality for a house brand. And it costs just $205 in 2013.

The 12.5 inch soak depth is nowhere near a deep as the Mirabelle at 16" and we may still go with that. However, it is as deep as the top ledge of our current tub. We'll see if DW goes for it.

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Footballmom -- Here it is March 4, and I haven't seen anything on the Home Depot website for the Kohler Archer at $390. :( I guess the sale is over. I have a $400 limit, that I may be able to push a couple of tens of dollars, but certainly not hundreds. It looks like that one has lots of great reviews.

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The other thing to keep in mind is the ugly anti-slip surface application used for the Kohler Archer, which can get dirty looking easily.

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You know, I don't mind dealing with the big box stores, but Style Selections is Lowes' the-brand-formerly-called-Allen-and-Roth-till-the-reputation-got-around brand. I'd just proceed with caution and wait for some reviews on that one.

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"...the-brand-formerly-called-Allen-and-Roth-till-the-reputation-got-around brand. I'd just proceed with caution and wait for some reviews on that one."

Oh foo. Thank you for the caution. Any links to reviews or posts about Allen + Roth fittings?

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I don't know that they had gotten to fixtures when they were using Allen+Roth for everything. Style selections is what they call fixtures and tile from the same store brand now. Don't get me wrong, some of the Allen+Roth stuff is okay, it's just that quality control isn't great, so it's pretty hit or miss.

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