Cleaning Black Range Tops

researchhoundFebruary 18, 2007

I originally posted this message in the Appliances Forum but only got one response so I'm hoping my luck will be better here.

We recently purchased a new SS gas range with a black enameled top under the cast iron grills. Greasy foods like bacon splatter all over the top and so far our old standby "409" has proven less than adequate in cleaning it. "409" leaves a lot of streaks and dull film on the surface and requires repeated applications and a lot of wiping to get the job done.

Has anyone found a product (hopefully one you can just get at a regular store and don't have to special order) that works well for this job?

I'm hoping you long time owners of similarly colored ranges have found the perfect cleaner by now.


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Sorry, I've had mine for 2 years and am still hoping. The baked on stuff in the worst, especially right around the burners. I have tried most common cleaners. Best so far is Bam for Grease, or Holy Cow, which I can't find anymore. Both of these were from Walmart. It can't be anything abrasive because they will make scratches that really show on the black. Barkeeper's Friend is the only abrasive you can get away with; but that does nothing on my baked spills (great for the black sink, though).
The best thing I've found is multiple applications of cleaner while the whole stove top is hot: so, right after baking something. When I searched a year ago (here) people recommended something called Cerama-brite. This is made for glass cooktops, but I thought it would work on my enamelled top too. But it doesn't; so you can ignore those. A real messy product to wipe off, too.

One thing I found that helps is to use a micro-fiber cloth. One for the actual cleaning (scrubbing) and a fresh water-damp one to wipe off the streaks. I bought a set in the auto supply section of Target that are tougher and less fluffy than most microfiber cloths. Mine are described as being for scraping bugs of the windshield. Disgusting but pretty comparable to what I am doing on the stove.

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I bought Fantastic antibacterial kitchen spray it has purple on the bottle- I think- am at work :( and don't remember the name exactly- for keeping the temporary kitchen clean while renovating - and have used it on my new range- like yours black enamel under the cast iron grates. It works great on the enamel and on the stainless on the top. Sue

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Linnia and Cooperbailey,
Thanks for the responses! I'm going to get some of the micro-fiber cloths from Target and Fantastic kitchen spray and give them a try.
The baked on stuff isn't as big an issue since we attack it as soon as it happens. It's the grease from things like bacon that are driving us nuts.

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wait!! been on the road and first chance to correct my post- I went home and checked and it is actually lysol antibacterial kitchen spray! the purple color is the only part I got right. I hope you haven shopped yet. and I use paper towels, since I my kitchen is not yet done and I dont want ot go to basement to rinse out the microfiber towels.The stuff works great for me- havent had it long enought to have baked on stuff - but grease cleans up easily and is not smeary. Sue

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Thanks for the update. I went down the cleaning isle at our local megamart but couldn't locate the product you had described. Did see the Lysol product (intense purple container) but I didn't buy it. I will go back and get a bottle now that I know it's what you've used. The constant smearing of the grease when we try and clean is what's bugging us so I'm glad to hear this should cut through it.
They had a pack of three medium size micro-fiber towels for about $6.50. An average price?

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Oven cleaner will work. It will work on grates, burner bibs, and the enamled area under them.

Do not use it on any aluminum parts or on the cooking elements themselves.

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glass cleaner with ammonia works for me. I suppose staight ammonia would work . I use vinegar and water for my windows and often on appliances.

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The two best tips so far have been to use straight ammonia, and to use baking soda. I have had moderate success with both methods on the black enamel surface of my Viking range, but have been hampered by the inability to use scotchbrite or any truly effective abrasive, which scratch the surface. This morning I sprinkled on some baking soda to do a regular cleaning, the as an afterthought, wet it down with ammonia. I let it sit for 15 minutes, and then scrubbed with a paper towel. This has been the best trick yet, removing nearly all the baked-on crud with relative ease!

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I used Carbona Oven Cleaner (I bought it in the local food store). I let it sit for over an hour on the old stains, wiped with the sponge and no stains left!!!! So happy!!!!

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I used a razor scraper to (carefully) remove the cooked on gunk from the PO of our house. Then polished it up with a microfiber cloth and it's good as new!

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