Free Johnson Bros Dishes

kathleen_liMarch 21, 2011

My neighbor is purging dishes, and thought I might like these.

And this, made in France, described as a child's basin.

For those interested there is more. info

Here is a link that might be useful: Info on the French bowl

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Nice 'freebies' - lucky gal!
I always loved the Winchester pattern..especially the the pretty roping. How many did she give you?
The French pattern is lovely too. I'd love to have a 'dish purging' neighbor!
Happy Birthday to Lily -hope she has a nice day even though Mother Nature wasn't kind to us. Ugg another Snow Storm...and to think we had 75 degrees last week!
This date was also my Parent's wedding anniversary..and they always talked about their 'Wedding Blizzard' - and the next day it was in the 70's - go figure!

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We just got rain, Jane. EEWW to more snow!

I got 5 plates, 5 soup bowls, 3 of the sq salads, a platter and some saucers. I thought I would buy another sq plate but it was 24 plus shipping! I'll pass on that!

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Ohhh too bad about the extra sq plate. I wouldn't pay
$24 plus either.
It would have been nice to put together at least 4 place settings.
I'll keep my eye out for you on the square plate..every now and then I see them.
By the way, I'm sorry I haven't commented on your blog more often..but I do visit. I surf late at night - enjoying all the pictures and ideas and usually don't have much energy to do anything else.
You've been a dynamo though with your tables - Nice header with the Easter Settings.


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Jane, I know you have your hands full there! Don't worry, I know you are there! :)
Thank you, yes, I am asking if anyone sees one to let me know! Sometimes one shows up in a Thrift shop.

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Beautiful, kathleen...I'll keep my eyes open when I'm able to be out & about again...soon! They are beautiful! one or two squares, you'd like, right? Jeanne S.

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Kathleen, love your new dishes! What a fun neighbor to have. We know you will cherish them. You make so many wonderful food dishes. Your Easter Egg cake is darling.

Hope Lily had a super BDay. Love the bunny plates and that cabbage bowl w/bunny and carrot. Your vase with tulips is wonderful too. Such pretty fresh flowers but it's way to early to think of planting flowers here.

Did you make your pretty purple hat? It reminds me of something you would create?


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1 0r 2 if they are cheap enough, J! And Thank you!

Thanks, Punk.
Yes, I made that hat when I first started posting on this forum, years ago!
The only flowers we have here are from the supermarket, LOL!

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Lucky you!!
Those are very pretty and I am sure they will be in a beautitful tablescape in the future.


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Lovely dishes for a lovely lady. The colors are beautiful and I especially like the square plates, can't wait to see them in use.

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Love those dishes Kathleen. They will be so pretty in a tablescape. The serving bowl is really adorable.

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Marlene Kindred

Lovely dishes! And even more lovely since they were free!

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Oh yes, free is best, Marlene.
Thanks, Frou, Nana and Candy. Can't wait to use them in a scape.

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Those plates are really pretty Kathleen, what a nice neighbor to think of you and your love of dishes. The bowl is really neat too, I know you will have fun with all of this.
Like Jane, I try to head over to your blog whenever I can but don't always take time to post--you always have tons of comments anyway! ;o) I really love reading your blog and seeing all your pretty creations, both with dishes and with your yummy food.


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