Musty smell in blanket

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaFebruary 18, 2006

I was given a nice vellux blanket. It had been in a room that had a really musty odor to it, and now the blanket smells musty as well.

I washed it with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Deodorizing detergent, and let it set in the washer several hours b4 rinsing and adding Downey to the rinse. I haven't put it in the dryer, as it smells as musty as ever.

What might I is not usable as it is, and I can't even store it smelling that way.

I thought of maybe hanging it out on a sunny day..maybe for several sunny days making sure that all of both sides were exposed to the sun for several hours.


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You could also try adding vinegar to the rinse water, skipping the fabric softener.

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I believe Vellux is Dacron and that does hang onto odors!!
I would try, first the outside on a sunny day cure....and then if it still smelled, I would wash it in Oxy Clean. There is somethning on the fibers that makes it the trick is to get it out!
Linda C

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You can try Borax. I think the brand it 20 mule team, or 50 mule team or something like that. It takes the smell out of cloth diapers, husbands t-shirts/socks etc. It's pretty gentle and it also helps brighten your whites.


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