Please critique this front

nightowlrnFebruary 3, 2014

The look is supposed to be craftsman. There are restraints with the roof due to town restrictions, but (to me) the left looks okayish, but the right looks like a farmhouse with pillars ... Thoughts?

Also, they are pushing me to just have stone to the waterline. Which I don't like. But, there are requirements for x% of stone. I would actually prefer no stone except for the pillars and foundation.

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I think the elevation is quite nice, maybe a tad bit unbalanced though it is always hard for me to tell in two dimensions. If you are going for a true "Craftsman" look I suspect it may be difficult to get there with an attached garage on the front of the house -- that's not a criticism, just a thought about the scope of what you might hope to accomplish given your plan constraints. I'm sure the talented folks on here can provide great input on the details.

You've put a lot of thought into this house, I'm sure it will be lovely. Good luck!

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Here it is upright

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Annie Deighnaugh

You might want to make sure the columns are more tapered, esp the fake one on the may even want to move the opening to the right and make that column complete...not sure what flexibility you have on the inside for that.

You may want to look at the square tapered columns to make it more craftsman...or even doubling them up.

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I like it a lot. I really like the windows. I don't know Annie. I think I like the elevation with fewer columns. Simpler and less complicated.

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I like it a lot and agree to try to get two full columns, for symmetry.

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The elevation is charming.
There is no need to add more columns. If anything, I'd change the porch window. Did you try a triple window, to see how it looks?

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I think it looks good, but please make sure all the columns are of the same style. I see some columns on the left side and toward the rear that look to be different.

How much stone do you have to have and where does that percentage have to be? I'm not liking how it goes level with the columns on the left side in height. I think it should be taken down in height some like in this picture from Houzz.

Traditional Porch by Advance General Contractors DreamBuilt, Inc.

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I like it, quite a lot.

One thing that seems a bit off is that the break on the roof to the right has a window intersecting it a bit on the front elevation.

Roof breaks used to indicate something structural in the wall--like the original end of the house, with later addition) so the window, being in a straight vertical line down from the break (slightly anyway) means the window intersects what would originally have been a corner post of the house. That looks a little inauthentic. Even it the house had been added to, it's unlikely the window would have been moved to this position because that's a major structural issue.

I think the window should be a bit to the right of the roof break. This may put it off center in the room below but windows weren't so obsessively centered in rooms like they are today (which is another thing that leads to a static looking elevation in a lot of new designs)

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Thank you all. What about a hip roof over the window (study) side? I agree about the study window -- perhaps that is what is off to my eye.

Lifia -- Thank you! That photo is pretty much what this exterior is shaping up to be and I like it. Old worldish - comfortable. I tried to find more photos of this house but could only find what looks to be the chimney side.

Question -- I prefer the look of just the shakes on the front and horizontal siding at the window bumpouts and other sides of the house. What do you all think about 3 surfaces, plus the columns, plus the roof braces?

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Passes the test of my inner architectural historian. "elephantine" columns were very popular craftsman bungalow details. If possible, I would have them round (turned) not square. If you make them round, upsize them 15% bigger diameter than drawn. The slightly bigger size will make them "read" properly when round. Round columns always read more slender than square, because they are the same size from every angle, and you almost never see columns in "elevation view".

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I find it difficult to make meaningful comments on an elevation view without the other views and the plan especially the roof plan. As Casey references, the only time you will ever see a house in true elevation view (a parallel projection with no foreshortening) is on the design drawings.

So, show us the whole thing instead of just a view no one will ever see.

I would not present an elevation view to a client without a perspective view which I would have already developed in order to understand the form of the roof. From that file the owner can choose to see each elevation and a 3D model that they can rotate on their computer. It's easier to use than drawing by hand because it can be easily changed and the purpose of a preliminary drawings is to understand the design and then make it better.

Here is an example of the difference in information:

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Renovator8 - I appreciate your comments. I have only one other drawing. This is the study/hearth room/master side. Nothing 3D. There will never be anything 3D. What I have now is all preliminary to get the town to approve and for us to contract to go further.

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I hate to say this but the drawings and the design look like they are from the 40's.

If this is all the design information you can get from the designer I can only wish you luck with building it.

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I think we are going to need it! Thanks.

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